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List-Building MasterClass Review

Product: List-Building MasterClass
Creators: Mario Brown
Price: $497 (anybody who offers you a discount is lying to you)
Verdict: TBD
Website: TBD

Thanks for stopping by to check out my review of List-Building MasterClass by Mario Brown.

I’ll have more information up here about it as SOON as I find out more!

List-Building MasterClass Review and Bonus

If you’re NOT already aware of it, List building is one of the MOST effective ways to quickly build a profitable online business quickly.  I know this first hand, as my own email list is responsible for a good portion of my $150,000 per MONTH Online Business.  I’ve been able to combine email marketing with Search Engine Optimization Tactics (like Launch Jacking) and do quite well for myself WITHOUT owning my own product.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You build a squeeze page, or and offer somebody a high quality product for FREE in exchange for their email address.
    1. You can either create the freebee yourself, or outsource it for a few dollars and have it created for you
  2. Once the person opts-in (or signs up) to your email list, you’re able to send them to a thank you page or a download page where they can access their free e-book, or even audio or video training. (Depends on what you want to offer).
    1. On your Thank you Page – you’re able to offer them (via your own affiliate link) a complimentary product that will help or improve the results they get with the free offer you already provided for them.
  3. This is the MOST important part: you’re able to build a relationship with your list, give them solid advice – and of course recommend products that you feel will help improve their situation, whatever it may be.  The beauty about email marketing is; you’re able to do it in almost ANY niche you have a passion for.
    1. A few of MY favorite niches for email marketing are: How to Make Money Online, Personal Development, Weight Loss, Dating Advice (for both men AND women) and even getting rid of acne.  The sky is your limit!

It really IS that easy – nobody said you have to work HARDER to be a success online – just smarter! 🙂

Anyways – now that you understand the VERY bare bone basics of email marketing – let’s get into the reason you’re here.


My List-Building Masterclass Review

I’m still waiting to get early access to the product to review it, but will do so as SOON as I can – so bookmark this page and check back soon!


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