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August 1, 2020

The Loci Cycle Review

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Review Of The Loci Cycle, by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.

For those who don't know me, I feel it's important to know that I never do a review and recommend a product unless I get it first, test it, use it, and basically make sure it delivers what it promises!

That being said, let's get to the reason you're here...

Ampifire Training

BUT FIRST ...Who Is This For?

  1. 1
    You’re a complete beginner to online business and want to find a simple and PROVEN way to generate “quit your day job” income…
  2. 2
    You’ve got some online business experience but you haven’t yet got the results you were hoping for…
  3. 3
    You already have a successful online business and you’re looking to create an additional income stream… (for example, Online Marketing Agency Owners, or Affiliate Marketers)

In a nutshell...“The Loci Cycle” is the incredible new course Chris & Jay have built from the ground up, which shows you how even a complete beginner can generate $100,000/yr or more from scratch, using this unique strategy.

You're also given complimentary access to their revolutionary new traffic software (ampfire) and multiple campaigns for free!

“AmpiFire” is their new “Content Amplification Engine” and it's the first of its kind. It can be used to Amplify any business by getting it more exposure and buyer traffic online.

It works by running powerful “OmniPresence” campaigns, which essentially take anything and gets it ALL over the internet fast, without you doing the work.

The Training

The training is actually done live, so when you first log in, you'll be able to see the first video or two (as pictured above), but you'll get access to the Ampifire Software Immediately, and be able to dive in to the 2 hours or so of already available training.

  • Week 1: 2 Hour Training Video & Walk Through is available Immediately
  • Weeks 2 & Beyond: Training is done on live weekly webinars
  • Additional Training: In this training, Chris & Jay uncover the BEST industry to get into in 2019 and beyond (with Loci Cycle out, or just in general), as well as how to select the best niches and the exact criteria for individual products to promote that make you the most profits!

AmpiFire Content Tool Breakdown

100k Shout Out Ampifire Software

As a blogger and SEO Guy, this excites the 'eff' out of me!

Everything is done FOR you, including your article being written by one of their native english speaker writers.

While this service works for things such as E-Commerce, Local Businesses, and of course affiliate marketing - I'm going the Affiliate Marketing Route.

Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Set Up!

For my Example, I'm doing a Review of The Loci Cycle

Step 1: A Few Basic Questions:

First, I was prompted to set up a company profile, then a few simple questions for THEIR writers to create the news article for me:

  1. What Details Do You want your amp (News Article) To Discuss?
  2. Recommend a Theme for your Amp
100k Shout Out DFY Step 1

Step 2: Upload a Few Images for the News Article

100k Shout Out DFY Step 2

Step 3: Choose my Category from a Dropdown

100k Shout Out DFY Step 3

Step 4: Add My Company Info to be used in the submissions

100k Shout Out DFY Step 4

Step 5: Publish

You're able to submit it as a Recurring Campaign or Single Submission

100k Shout Out DFY Step 5

Once submitted, their team gets to work WRITING your article for you, it's done USUALLY within 2 business days - then you're able to submit it to News Sites, High Authority Blogs, Podcast sites, Slideshow Sites, and Video Sites (more on those below)!

100k shout out press release

Using a mixture of AI, software automation, manual writing & optimization by their team of in-house professionals and exclusive deals with major sites - you save the days and hundreds of dollars it would otherwise take to produce EVEN ONE of these powerful campaigns manually.

I just submitted this now (as seen on Video), and it was submitted to:

  1. Numerous News Article Websites, Including Google News (446+ News Sites, SO far)
  2. Numerous HIGH Traffic & HIGH Authority Blogs
  3. It created a audio file and syndicated to several podcast websites
  4. It created a slideshow and submitted to various Slideshow Sharing Websites
  5. It created a VIDEO from my content, and I was able to add it to youtube, Vimeo, and another news channel.
Ampifire Syndication Process

The combined authority of all these placements lands in Google for various valuable keywords within 36 hours... so they start sending steady streams of buyer traffic long term and also improve the rankings of whatever they promote!

They call this entire process a "Digital Shout Out" - and it Amplifies whatever you promote.

Quick Video Overview (See Me Use it Live)

  • Video #1 Here Shows the SET UP Process, See how EASY it is to set up your first campaign (under 5 minutes). 
  • Video #2 (Below) Will show the RESULTS from the campaign, and the traffic & rankings I was able to achieve!

My Review & Final Verdict

If you can't tell by my review above, and the excitement in my videos - I'm REALLY digging this program.

  • The Training in the Course is Amazing, as you will see
  • The Ampifire - if you didn't watch my videos above yet, you NEED to do it - it WORKS!

UPDATE: I MADE $42.00 From One of my Ampifire Campaigns on 8/18/2019! 🙂

(That's NOT a lot I know, but it's from a brand NEW website that's not ranking yet for anything, the ONLY traffic it received was from my Ampifire Shout Outs!!!)

Full Disclosure - Chris DID Give me temporary Access to the tool at no cost, since i'm a friend and a well known affiliate marketer.  

I loved it so much that I WILL be buying more credits myself after the launch opens, as I plan on using ampifire weekly for my various affiliate websites and client websites.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons

I'll be honest, there are definitely a few cons to this program as well.  I tried to think of more, but to be honest - I really do like this tool!  That being said, here are the cons I've been able to find so far. 

  1. It's not for everybody - let's face it, it's NOT a cheap tool and not everybody will be able to afford it.
  2. It's NOT a get rich quick scheme, I know, why is this a negative right? Many people get used to seeing things that PROMISE instant results with hardly any work.  It's going to take time to see success (41 days is the goal) with this, and you need to be aware of that going in.
  3. You're not given unlimited credits, but that's understandable as each submission does cost Chris & Jay money as well.  You can always "top off" your credits later for a pretty good rate!

OH SHOOT - Before I forget, how some some BONUSES to sweeten the deal! 🙂

My UNBEATABLE Loci Cycle Bonuses!

You know, I could be like everybody else out there right now and offer you a crazy $50,000 worth of bonuses!

(Hint: These are all either PLR they obtained for free, OR full stolen products by other product vendors that they're giving away illegally.)

But....I don't swing that way - I thought about it long and hard (not really) and figured....why not give you something that can actually HELP YOU make money!

Crazy Concept Right? 

I'm offering something of VALUE that will actually HELP YOU IN YOUR BUSINESS! 🙂

OKAY - Enough of my crazy ramblings, here's what I gotz!

#1 – I’ll Help Ya! ($5,000 Value)

Ill happily review your website, and send a custom 15 to 30 minute video showing you what I would do if it were my site.  

  • I’ll tell you EVERYTHING I would change, regardless of how much work that may cause for you.
  • If you're STILL stuck after my video, we can hop on a 30-60 minute skype call, no problem 
Bonus #1
  • On top of this – you can EMAIL ME any questions you have directly for the first 60 days, and I’ll be more than happy to give you any guidance I can!

  • I am a super affiliate and am also a former coach for some of the best Internet Marketers in the industry ( Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim,  Dori Friend, and a few others).
  • I’m a cool guy – you’ll learn a lot and get helped by one of the best in the industry (me!)

#2 – My Top 10 FAVORITE Niche Research Tools

Everybody knows about Clickbank already, shoot - I'm a Clickbank Platinum Affiliate for 2019, which means I sold well into 6 figures worth of products in 2018.

BUT - most people don't realize there are TONS of Profitable Niches And Affiliate Programs OUTSIDE of Clickbank, and I've made well into 7 Figures with THOSE these past couple of years.

If you want a list of some of my favorites, feel free to click on the links above to read my blog post on each topic - BUT - what I'm offering here is something different, how to find these yourself!

"Get Instant Access To My Top 10 Niche Research Tools Instantly"

I'll share how to:

  • Find Hot Niche Markets
  • Spy on your Competition (just not me! LOL)
  • Tools For Finding Keywords

#3 – How to Become a Niche Authority

For Bonus #3, I want to share with you my ULTIMATE Guide to Finding your niche and DOMINATING it.

This 65 Page Guide is ZERO Fluff and Full of ACTIONABLE Things You can start with right away.  It's also a expansion of Bonus #2, and takes things many many steps further!

In Closing...

I'll be honest, these three items above are really the only thing I think I can offer that will add VALUE to the Loci Cycle program.

I truly don't think I can teach you anything else - BUT I can help you and make sure you're doing it better.

Sure I could offer you an iPad, or $25,000 Worth of Crap PLR Content like some of those Scammy "Review" Sites You see.  I could even offer video training on something completely un-related to this program, but I don't want to insult you.

Instead, you get some 1-on-1 time with me, one of the best SEO Affiliate Marketers in the industry - AND some top quality training on not only niche research, but the tools you need to get started quickly!

Thanks for reading this, and PLEASE - let me know if you have any questions.


>>> Click HERE To Get Started Now! 🙂

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!

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About the author 

Jeff Lenney

✋ My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert with over 10 years experience. I like to talk about marketing, SEO & ECommerce, so read my other posts here: Jeff Lenney's Articles

  • One of the better reviews I could find- thank you!

    Quick question about functionality, I provide local digital marketing services in my area. Can the syndication be controlled or geo targeted within the area for small businesses?

    • Thanks Chad, I appreciate that, but it’s only ONE of the best – why not THE best review? 😛

      Anyways, dumb jokes aside, To be honest, It can NOT be geo-targeted – BUT you can optimize the News Articles like you would a press release:

      Los Angeles DUI Attorney (something news worthy)
      New York City Personal Injury Attorney Announces The Opening Of Their New Office

      So you can, sorta, by writing the content properly – just like you would with a press release.

      I hope this helps! 🙂


      • You’re right, it was the best. I looked for more after writing this and didn’t find anything that compared!

        Thank you for your quick response and explanation. It makes really good sense.

  • Christiane says:

    Hi Jeff, I purchased through your link today. How/when will I receive the bonuses? thank you

    • Hey thank you so much, email me via the contact link/button in the menu on top of my site 🙂


  • I’m very interested in buying but nervous as this is about 2 weeks pay for me and my current contract ends in just over 1 months time.

    I attended a webinar about this product but they said it would be 1.5 hours and after almost 2 hours I had to leave even thought they had not got to the actual link to buy. I e-mailed the people who ran the webinar but they have not responded. Given that you seem the most competent and friendly person I can find promoting 100k shout-out I wonder if you could answer some questions.

    Is it realistic to expect the initial investment back within 2 months?
    (If courses I understand that I will have to put the work in to ensuring that happens.)

    Also I currently have a ClickFunnels account and I like the idea of building a list (although not found much success with that at the moment) is this possible/advisable to mix with ClickFunnels and build a list or would it be better to cancel my ClickFunnels account and focus on the 100k shoutout method exactly as it is taught?

    Also in a similar vain I am involved with a health food mlm, is it possible/advisable to use 100k shoutout to promote that or again just focus 100% on the system as they lay it out.

    As I mentioned my current income is around £5000/month is it realistic to think that I could replace at least 1/2 of this in the next 60-90 days (with work)?

    Sorry to ask so many questions but I hope you can see that I am interested but scared to make the investment.

    • Hey Craig

      I’ll start off by saying this – it’s a solid program and training/software – BUT – there are ZERO guarantees. You might make some money, you might make a ton, you might make none at all. That truly depends on quite a few things such as your site design, your offers being promoted, the keywords you’re driving traffic for, and how much work/time/efford you’re willing to put in, amongst other things.

      So YES you certainly CAN make enough money to pay it back, but I would not count on it – err on the side of caution. 🙂

      Yes, i do get an affiliate commission if you purchase through my link, but I’d rather have you be able to pay rent/put food on your table etc than spend money you’re not sure you can afford on this program.

      It’s a fantastic program – I’m going to be buying more “Amps” once my current ones run out, it’s that good. I’m also going to build a new site with the methods they teach on their training, as I’m really curious how well those convert compared to my own particular style.

      As for building an email list, you could certainly do that too – but you would need an auto responder (such as aweber, or getresponse, etc) which is another paid tool. Focus on ONE THING at a time, then once you start making some money – reinvest. 🙂

      I hope this helps!


  • I was also wondering how many credits you get with the program and how much they are to order more? I am really interested in this.

    • Hey Geoff

      35 Credits Come with it, worth $350 Each – I’m NOT sure on the ‘refill’ cost, I remember looking a few weeks ago and it was less than a typical PR though. I remember it gets cheaper when you buy more, but I DON’T have that # now – sorry, away from my PC and can’t check at the exact moment.


  • Do you need to use your own Facebook and YouTube accounts for Ampifire to run your campaigns on?
    If yes, what if I don’t (want to) have any of those accounts?

    • No, actually – and if you don’t have your own YT account – you can just choose to have it posted on one of theirs – pretty cool right? 🙂


      • Got ya.

        I’m really thinking about it, Jeff.

        In a nutshell, tell us what kind of work will that require from our end.

        • Hey Joe

          Hard to say since i didnt build a new site with their methods (their training is done live, so i havent seen it yet)

          But – i did take about 7-8 minutes twice and send traffic/backlinks to two existing websites I have – AND made a $42 commission which i did NOT expect so quickly (fron an amazon product on the site I sent traffic to)

          That being said, if you know nothing about building a website, the hardest part will be learning wordpress, and it’s pretty easy – I know they’re going to lay out step-by-step methods for building EASY sites that convert, then all you have to do is use ampifire to send traffic,backlinks etc 🙂

          Hope this helps!


  • Looks awesome. Couple of questions – how many campaigns can I run in the monthly credits they give? And I assume the PRs/ Videos/Pdfs etc. will have links back to my site (whichever url I want)?

    • Hey Mayank!

      Great question – I sent you a direct email with the answer to those questions – I hope you received it. 🙂


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