My Empower Network Review – Why I called it quits

For a while, I was actually in the top % of Empower Network Earners.

But it turns out that’s not hard to do, as only a very small percentage actually applied themselves enough to actually succeed.

So why was I in the top %? Why was I special?  Nah, not special – want to hear my big secret?

I wasn’t a newbie.  Yup – that’s it.  I was already an established and well known internet marketer, I had an email list coming in that I made A TON of sales from, I already understood internet marketing, paid traffic, Search Engine Optimization and YouTube marketing.  I am also VERY good at talking to people, and they signed up under me because they liked me.

Was I deceitful? Did I lie to people to get them to sign up under me?

Absolutely not, I made a point of telling people they will NOT get rich overnight and they REALLY need to apply themselves in order to succeed. I told people to get the upgraded training (at $500 and $1000 one time payment) in order to help them further.  While a few DID have success, most simply did not and I saw very few sales from my own down-line (people signed up under me).

My point is, people not only have to WANT to succeed – but they need to take the time to make it happen as well.  Internet Marketing success does NOT happen overnight, and while (honestly) the training for EN was AMAZING at the higher levels – I found that most people in my team didn’t apply it and those who did found it wasn’t as easy as the EN sales video led them to believe.

Take a look at this screen shot showing the average earnings of EN members below from March 2014.

empower network income disclosure

Let’s look closer at these #’s and see what they REALLY mean.

The top 1-3% – they earn MOST of the money and are the one’s making $1,500+ a month
The top 4-5% – they earn $797 or more
The top 6-18% – these folks are earning between $316 or more
The top 19-26% – these guys here earn $25 a month or more – not very impressive is it?

Right there folks, Empowers own website shows that only a VERY few people within their program are making what one would call GOOD money.

Believe it or not – MOST earners in those brackets fall at the LOWER end.  It’s much more common to see somebody earning $300 or $600 a month than it is $3,500 or even $6,000.  Certainly not as life changing as they would hope you believe.

As you can see, only 3% (or 3 out of every 100 members) actually make decent income.  3% make between $1,500 a month (at the low end) to $1,379,241 a month (at the very high end).

Don’t let the ‘projected hours’ fool you – this does NOT mean you can simply put in 20 hours a week and start making $1,379,241 per month.  MOST of the people who made it big in Empower started off with a large list or an extensive internet marketing background well before they got started in EN.  So while “newbies” like Tony Rush and Rob Fore did come in and make BANK – they were by all means quite wealthy and making an excellent living on the internet WELL before the Empower Network started.

The unfortunate takeaway here is that MOST people do NOT make any money with the Empower Network, and while many newbies DO have success with it – that success is often very limited and short lived.  Keep in mind these are AVERAGES as well, not a continued monthly income as you rely on your downline recruiting new members and buying products.

So – if I was making good money why did I quit?

Simple – Empower was not converting for me as well as it used to – and if people aren’t signing up as often I’m not getting new sources of income.  The existing people on my team were slowly dropping off, as they were not having the success they hoped for.  In all honesty, it was becoming too much work for me to guide people 1 on 1 and my earnings started to go down after the first 8 months or so.

Personally,  I’d rather stick to traditional affiliate marketing and email marketing (like you learn in Inbox Blueprint, or Publish Academy). I really CAN work just a few hours a day, and I don’t have to spend hours of my time every day coaching people individually.  I don’t mind helping people, don’t get me wrong, but it’s rather hard for 1 person to personally help 50, 100 or even 200 people per WEEK. 🙂

Want to know what I recommend for 2014 and beyond?  If you’re a newbie, you can’t go wrong with Google Sniper 3 – it’s a one time payment and you’ll learn quite a bit too.  Check it out if you haven’t yet. I did a full review via the link above.  If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, Anik Singal is launching Profit Academy once again in February 2015.

Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.

  • yukiko iino says:

    I respect your ability to navigate through the online business scene and give your honest reviews on various programs. After all you are the SEO expert! My background is spirituality, wellness and personal development. At first I got started with Inbox Blue Print to learn about affiliate marketing. Anik’s modules are quite comprehensive. I have been enjoying your webiners which are personable and very informative.

    I found out about Google Sniper via your email, and subscribed and found some things useful but it didn’t meet my expectations completely. There were so massive questions I had and I followed your advice and searched YouTube tutorials. I came upon some amazing tutorials done by the leaders of Empowernetwork. The vision of the founders and its system resonate well with me. I only have great things to say about it.

    I am fortunate that there are many ‘gurus’ with different styles in this industry.

    Thank you for your contribution to my growth as a student of online marketing.


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Thank you very much Yukiko – i’m glad to hear your positive feedback 🙂

  • Kathy Sekeres says:

    Really love your honesty!

  • Victor J Gonzales III says:

    This is a very timely review as I have been struggling with EN for several months. Since I am just beginning my on-line business experience I can better see the limitations of the EN program, and a better way to utilize my time (In-Boxer) thanks to this review.

    Victor G

    • admin says:

      Awesome thanks Victor 🙂


  • Robin Wright says:

    Thank you very much! I quit EN because it was just too much! I was feeling kind of like a failure and that doesn’t make for positive energy to put into other things. I am currently working through INBOX BLUEPRINT and hope to master the email and affiliate marketing. At least there I can see the steps. Again…thank you.

  • Wendy Baudin says:

    Hi Jeff,
    good post and very honest. I checked into EN at one time and since I have had experience with MLM’s, when I found out EN was based upon that format and after I did some research on the internet about EN, I chose not to go there again. It does take allot of work and if you don’t have a large email base, then it’s walking the streets and pounding on doors. Not really but you get my point. So thanks for confirming what I felt. I purchased Google Sniper due to your recommendation and I also purchased the Beta Predator. So excited to see how it all comes together along with Anik’s Inbox and Academy programs. I am fully loaded with great information, now all I have to do is learn it and apply it. I am determined to make it happen. I normally make all your training webinars for Inbox Blueprint, I think I have only missed 1 so far. Thank you for your support and concern for our success.

    Thanks again, Namaste,

    • admin says:

      Heya Wendy

      Thanks so much for your kind words!

      yeah I honestly used to LOVE EN and I promoted the heck out of it. I also made alot of money, but as you can see from above – most people simple don’t ‘make it’ unfortunately.


      P.S. Enjoy Google Sniper – I used to think that course was “okay” – but with the new updates they’re making to it, it’s back on top in my opinion as a GREAT course for newbie folk 🙂

  • Joe Connors says:


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