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December 1, 2019

Niche Profit Fast Track Review

Hey It's Jeff, and THANK YOU for stopping by to check out my Niche Profit Fast Track Review

For those that don't know who I am, it's important to know one thing:

I N-E-V-E-R Review a product unless I get it first, go through the training, use it, and make sure it delivers on what it promises!

I went ahead and picked up NPFT so I could show you the ins-and-outs BEFORE you buy it yourself!  I've ALSO put together an insane Niche Profit Fast Track Bonus that will not only compliment your purchase - but improve it!

Anyway - I'll cut to the chase and answer the question on everybody's mind right now:

What IS Niche Profit Fast Track?

I got it, so I can show you! 🙂

Niche Profit Fast Track Members Area

Niche Profit Fast Track is a 60-day live training program where they’ll be training students on how to create and launch their own profitable passive income website.

The main program is a 60 day LIVE boot-camp, starting on December 20th.  There is some initial training, and access to the software available immediately, however.

What sets this program apart from their prior programs is the level of hands-on training and coaching they’ll be offering.

Here's What (All) Students Get:

1.) The Niche Profit Accelerators (Ready-Made Niche Businesses)


As a student, you will receive a total of 12 top-quality, "done-for-you" niche businesses that are ready to launch immediately.

These niches have been carefully selected due to their exceptionally high profit and growth potential. Each component of these businesses has been precisely engineered to attract traffic and turn that traffic into income on autopilot.

Each Accelerator includes:

  • In-Depth Niche Analysis
  • High-Quality Articles With Built-In Product Reviews
  • High-Converting Email Autoresponder Sequence
  • Preselected Affiliate Products (Physical & Digital)
  • Thousands of Low-Competition "Money Keywords"
  • Ready-Made Optin Form & Lead Bait

Students will be able to unlock a new Accelerator every single month for a full year. So pick your first one, and FOCUS on it for a month - don't try to do too many things at once! 🙂

2.) The 60 Day Training Course

Right away, they kick off a live, 60-day training “Boot-camp” where they’ll guide students step-by-step through the process of launching their website, building their organic traffic, and monetizing their website.

(Don't worry, you're NOT required to show up live, and recordings will be made available the next day)

You will learn the complete A to Z formula for building their website, getting traffic, turning that traffic into money, and setting everything on total autopilot.

  • 8 Step-By-Step Live Weekly Training Modules
  • Weekly Checklists & Action Plans
  • Adam's Library of Proven "Plug-and-Play" Templates
  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Adam

There is no prior training or experience required and the course is perfect for both beginner and advanced marketers.

You'll will be able to watch over Adam's shoulder as he launches a brand new Passive Profit Machine from total scratch, explaining each step in detail.

You can follow along with Adam or work at your own pace. All of the training and coaching sessions will be recorded and accessible at any time in the member’s area.

Their Insane "Success Guarantee" Promise

Any student who has followed the steps and is for any reason not seeing results in a few months will be paired up with one of their Mentors who will work with the student personally until their site is profitable!

On top of that, you will have access to coaching and resources for a full year.

You'll be able to unlock a new niche business each month and continue to take advantage of the coaching available in the private forum.

They''ll also continue to host live Q&A and “Hot Seat” sessions every single week.

3.) The Niche Profit Incubator Program

You will get direct access to Adam and his team of Expert Coaches, who have a strong track record in coaching students to success and are passionate about helping students reach their goals.

The Niche Profit Incubator includes:

  • The Member-Only Coaching Forum where students can ask questions and/or receive one-on-one coaching from Adam or one of his Expert Coaches.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Adam where he’ll work with students personally to ensure their continued progress. These calls will be adapted to the needs of Niche Profit Fast Track students and may include training, question and answer, and/or in-depth personal coaching.

Through these powerful coaching channels, you will have access to experts with years of experience creating profitable niche websites. 

You'll also learn little-known shortcuts and advanced strategies that will significantly shorten their learning curve and ignite rapid growth in their niche businesses.

4.) The (Included) Software

NPFT Software

It comes with not 1, not 2 - but 6 powerful software tools that make launching and growing your online business easier, faster & more profitable than ever!

1.)  Market Feeder: Niche Ideas Delivered to YOU daily - This tool analyzes the clickbank marketplace on a daily basis, identifies hot products you may wish to promote or compete with and gives you the information you need!

2.) Market Analyzer: Market Analyzer analyzes a market (of your choosing) in detail using various market indicators and provides you with an overall market score.

3.) Competition Profiler: This tool analyzes your competitors websites and sales funnels, providing performance data that you can use to your advantage.

4.) Niche Profit Press: Build B-E-A-UTIFUL web pages in MINUTES! This tool is a "point and click" landing page designer with modern & fully customizable templates including Squeeze Pages (opt-in pages), Sales Pages, Webinar Pages and a whole lot more.

5.) Traffic Advantage: Use THIS software to easily redirect Social Traffic to YOUR Funnel With Ease.  What it does is identify huge areas of targeted, FREE and highly responsive social traffic online that you can EASILY re-direct back to your website.  You REALLY have to see this one in action to truly appreciate it.

6.) Social Leads Builder: This is VIRAL List Building on Autopilot! This tool motivates your viewers to refer YOUR WEBSITE across their social networks like Facebook, Twitter, even forums, blogs & more!  I'll DEFINITELY be using this one on my future campaigns as it's a great way to get a TON of quality targeted free traffic!

My Niche Profit Fast Track Review

Niche Profit Fast Track Review

Here's the thing, what they teach inside NPFT is EXACTLY the type of Blogging & affiliate marketing that I do.

These techniques & exact methods have EASILY made me 7+ figures as an affiliate marketer over the years.

Adam Short has been doing this for a while (10 years now), and has a record of delivering solid products - so I went into this with VERY high expectations, and he did not let me down.

As a NPFT student, you not ONLY get the AMAZING 8 modules and 8 weeks of LIVE training, Q&A Webinars and support - BUT you get the above INCREDIBLE BADASS software programs I went through above.

  • The training they provide is fun, easy to follow, and easy to implement.
  • The tools & software they provide make it EASIER, and I can see how they can save you hours per day.

My Absolute Two Favorite things:

While the training and software suite is overall quite impressive, there are TWO things that really stand out to me.

#1- The Profit Accelerators

They give you:

  • Niche Analysis
  • Pre-Written Quality Articles
  • Pre-Written Email Autoresponder sequences
  • "Done-For-You" Pre-Selected Affiliate Products to promote
  • THOUSANDS of Low-Competition, High-Intent Keywords to target
  • Ready-Made Optin Form and Lead Bait (Freebee to give away in exchange for their email address)

The stuff alone will honestly (not joking) save you 10-20 hours, and a few hundred dollars PER NICHE.

My ONLY recommendation is that you (or a writer) re-write the articles, as you want them to be unique on your blog for SEO purposes.  😎

#2- Their INSANELY MAD Guarantee!

They're GUARANTEEING Success for EVERY student that sticks with it, and 1-on-1 coaching for those that need help!

Adam knows that this business model works well.  He's built countless profitable businesses doing EXACTLY what he's teaching, and more importantly - he's taught these methods (successfully) to THOUSANDS of students over the past 10 years.  

ANY Student that implements the steps in the program will have a profitable website up and running within a few months.

Any student who has followed the steps and is for some reason not seeing results will be paired up with one of their Expert Coaches who will work with the student personally until their site is.

Honestly, I don't know of ANY other online program that makes that type of guarantee.

You put in the work, give it your best shot, do what they teach.  If you're not successful with it, they'll hold your hand until you are - i LOVE it!

My Final Thoughts & Video Review

I've been doing Affiliate Marketing for a while now, and If I had these tools and training when I was first starting out, they would definitely saved me money, time & frustration.

I would have also started earning money much quicker, as it did take me a few years, since I wasn't following any particular program, but rather jumping around from shiny object to shiny object. 

I'll DEFINITELY be using many of these tools MYSELF going forward, and have already learned a few REALLY cool tricks to increase my own income as an affiliate significantly. 

I'm already excited about the possibilities.

That being said, I give Niche Profit Fast Track 2 Thumbs up, and HIGHLY recommend you pick it up today.

To sweeten the deal, I've decided to add a few bonuses of my own which you can read about below.

My Unbelievable Niche Profit Fast Track Bonus

“Get over $5,317+ in FREE Bonuses For The Most Profitable and Sustainable Business Model for Beginners or Savvy Marketers that You’ll Ever Find…”

ALRIGHT – what Review would NOT be complete without an amazing bonus to accompany it.

As you know from above – I HAVE reviewed the course (and am using this myself as well) and have put together a few things that I feel could help make YOUR experience as a NPFT student better.

A little background first, my name is Jeff Lenney – I regularly work with Online Marketing Superstars Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, Dori Friend and others – AND I work with their students as well.

I’ve been involved in product creation & coaching for products like Profit Academy,  Build my List, Parallel Profits, Inbox Blueprint and others.

What’s the point of my telling you this? My point is – if these Internet Marketing Superstars regularly seek me out to help them with THEIR marketing & students – there must be a reason for that. 🙂

Instead of offering you bonuses that will do you ZERO good and have nothing to do with the course like pre-built websites (why??) or even iPads (fun, but WON’T help with your business) – I have a few AMAZING bonuses that will 100% help you achieve better results with the course.

#1 – NOBODY ELSE CAN OFFER THIS – Personal Coaching with a REAL Super Affiliate (ME!) – ($3,500 Value) Bonus #1

  • Once your first website or funnel is done – you can send it to me and I’ll make you a CUSTOM Video Telling you what I like about it, what I don’t and how you can improve it!  It might not be what you want to hear, but it WILL help you make more money if you follow my instructions!Results from a coaching student of mine
  • If you’re STILL stuck or lost after that, I’ll make a follow up video or we can EVEN hop on a skype call for an hour!
  • Why should you care about this? 
    • I’m earning 5-6 figures (USD) per month right now MOSTLY via Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing, I’m also learning Facebook Ads – so this stuff is 100% RIGHT up my alley! <img role=
    • I know my stuff – I could show you the $7,000 Watch I just bought but that’d just be bragging.
    • You’ll enjoy our time together

AND on top of this, you’re welcome to email me with any questions you have along the way!

Note: I rarely ever do personal consultations, and even when I do, my hourly price is typically $1k per hour!

#2 – Almost NOBODY is talking about this – Crowd Sourcing for higher rankings (I paid $500 to learn this from an SEO Rockstar) Bonus #2

  • If you build a website – you NEED traffic!  In THIS bonus, I’m going to go into my #1 TRAFFIC source that has helped me make over 6 figures per MONTH – and you can use it too! (Hint: it’s NOT Facebook or youtube or even Twitter)
  • According to a recent study by, THE #1 top ranking factor in Google is SERP CTR (Click-through rate)
  • I’m going to give you 3 websites you can use to CROWD SOURCE clicks and a high CTR to your website.  Essentially, you can use these sites to make your website look popular to Google by INCREASING your site’s google SERP CTR, reducing your bounce rate and also INCREASING the average time spent per visitor for your website.  This method has been PROVEN to increase your Google Rankings easily WITHOUT additional link building needed.
  • I’ll tell you EXACTLY what to do to get the best results for rankings that stick! (Custom Video I’ve put together)
  • These are from REAL IP’s, real people and you can even choose which country they visit from!
  • This method work almost everytime I use this for our niche sites. Not only that, based on the recent case study by Search Metrics, this method is the #1 ranking factor in google right now.
  • Of course you will still need to build backlinks and do some on page SEO (BOTH of which I’ll teach you in bonus #2), but if you also use this method then you will have a better chance to get ranked in the 1st page of google AND have a MAJOR advantage over your competitors!

#3 – Backlink Sources that will PROPEL your website to the TOP of the Search Engines (Priceless)
Bonus #3

  • This is a back-linking source even Adam Short didn’t know about.  I asked him and he was blown away that you could actually get backlinks from these websites this way!  Granted, you DO have to pay for them but I’ll show you EXACTLY where & how!
  • These are sites like & including: Huffington Post, CNN, Forbes, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch, The New York Times and MORE!
  • Here’s how it works: I know a writer that has access to TONS of high quality, high authority sites (as an approved author and publisher).  These are news sites, site’s you’ve heard of, sites that can not only bring you a TON of visitors – but help boost your rankings as well!Rich Jerk Backlink Source Bonus
  • They create the content for you
  • This is a service I use MYSELF and have spent Thousands of Dollars with.  They’re not super expensive, just worth investing more into once you see the money coming in! <img draggable=” />
  • If you want to TURBO charge your sites rankings and income – THIS will help you get there AND give you an advantage over your competitors!

#4 – Learn how to Rule Reddit eBook! ($27.00 Value)
Bonus #4

  • In this detailed 40 PAGE e-book you’ll learn EVERYTHING there is to know about getting HORDES of laser targeted FREE traffic from Reddit. 
  • Using reddit correctly could EASILY land you Hundreds of Thousands of targeted visitors to your websites – so do NOT overlook this amazing traffic source!

#5 – Learn how to Increase Your YouTube Views INSTANTLY Bonus #5(priceless!)

  • Brief but POWERFUL Video Training showing you how to get REAL YouTube views from REAL viewers INSTANTLY.


“You’d have to TRY to not make money with
a success bonus package like mine.”


Sign up right now by clicking the button below. All you have to do then is EMAIL ME with your receipt # and full name, and we’ll get you started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Niche Profit Fast Track?

Niche Profit Fast Track is a 60-day live training program where they’ll be training students on how to create and launch their own profitable passive income website. What sets this program apart from their prior programs is the level of hands-on training and coaching they’ll be offering.

Does it only last 60 days?

NO! The Niche Profit Fast Track program doesn’t conclude at the end of 60-days. For a full year from the start of the program, students will be able to unlock a new niche business each month and continue to take advantage of the coaching available in the private forum. They'll also continue to host live Q&A and “Hot Seat” sessions every single week.

Does it inclue any software?

Yes, quite a bit actually! Niche Profit Fast Track comes with 6 seperate programs, all 100% included in your membership. Read the details on each at

P.S. Also worth checking out for 2021 are Super Affiliate System,and Commission Hero!

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About the author 

Jeff Lenney

✋ My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert with over 10 years experience. I like to talk about marketing, SEO & ECommerce, so read my other posts here: Jeff Lenney's Articles

  • Are you using your about me picture to seduce us and increase bounce rate on your website. Nice strategy!.

  • Hi Jeff – watching the webinar, in phase 1 at least Adam seems to be building a site/sales page around each CB product he wants to promote and only mentions a 14 day autoresponder. Is the idea that he just lets the list fizzle out after promoting one product or that related lists are then merged for future promotions?

    • HI Lorraine

      Remember – you’ll be wanting to add new leads to your list constantly. A good AR series is 14-20 days in my opinion – but you can always write/add more after that or even send out email broadcasts sharing helpful tips, tricks and of course promote offers 🙂

      I promise – it’s easier than it sounds – just provide value and your list will love you for years to come 🙂


      • Yes, I agree completely. It was just that he seemed to start by picking a popular product he wanted to promote (rather than researching a niche he wanted to build a list in), set up a sales page and a 14 day autoresponder and that is it for each site. He mentioned it was completely hands off after that. I signed up to his betta fish site back at the start of the year (was going to sign up but chose Profit Academy instead) and I don’t get anything from him now other than for his IM products.

        • Hi Lorraine

          Technically, you’d be fine with JUST a 14 day AR series if you never did anything with it again. You DO need to continue to add new leads to your email list of course.

          As for what they promote, also remember – different people email out different types of things and promotions – you’ll be lucky to find any two people who do something EXACTLY the same in this industry. 🙂

          Anyways – I hope this helps! 🙂


          P.S. Nothing at all wrong with picking a popular product you want to promote – you ARE in this to make money after all 🙂

  • Aaron Webb says:

    Great review as always Jeff! I bought REPWARN through the your link by the way

  • Easy John – I know one of the two product creators. When you’ve been doing IM as long as I have you tend to network and meet alot of people. 🙂

    I should have a full VIDEO of the members area up in the next day or two as well.


  • Hey Brian – sorry I forgot to add the price.

    It’s been added to my review up top 🙂

    Thanks for your interest!


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