Profit Engine Review

Profit Engine Review by Jeff Lenney

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Profit Engine Review.

For those who don’t (yet) know me, I never review a product unless I actually get access first,  and guess what – I’ll be getting this very soon!

At any rate, let’s get to the reason you’re here!

What IS Profit Engine All About?

I got it, so I can show you! 🙂

Alright, just to be clear from the beginning – Profit Engine’s content and trainins is going to be delivered LIVE via weekly training webinars and sessions.

Anybody saying they’re already completed the training, or best tested it, or have already made $45,000 with what they learned are full of crap.

Having said that – here’s what you’ll learn:

Essentially, Profite Engine is the ultimate program for teaching anyone, from absolute scratch, how to make a PROFITABLE income selling affiliate products online with paid traffic.

Profit Engine starts at a “newbie level”, helps you find profitable niches, and covers everything you need to know in the program, including:

  • Creating high CTR ads
  • Creating high converting presell pages
  • Even choosing the offers that are PROVEN to sell and convert like crazy.

Once the foundational stuff (above) is covered, students will be ready to start running ads at a lower budget ($5.00 a day is a great start).

You’ll then learn how to test and scale up as quickly as possible, WITHOUT risking a ton of cash – and only scaling when your small budget ads are bringing in a great ROI.

This program is PERFECT for newbies, and the 8-week training program is ideal for anybody wanting to get started and make “day job quitting” levels of income online.

BUT wait, there’s more! (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say that):

There’s enough training and community support to take students to Millionaire status (yes, really), and beyond.

Each Profit Engine student will get access to:

  • 8 weeks of Live Coaching sessions designed to fast track them to success with the least effort
  • Their high converting presell page template
  • Their swipe file of high converting ads that have made millions in affiliate sales
  • Participate in the Ad Challenge and watch past episodes
  • Excellent support & community
  • Ongoing weekly live Q&A after the 8 weeks of training

At any rate, as I said above – the training has NOT yet started, but I’ll be back soon with more info, a tour of the pre-launch members area, and much, much more.

Talk soon 🙂

Jeff Lenney

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