Push Button Influence Review & Bonus

Product Name: Push Button Influence
Product Creator: Alex Mandossian & Steve Olsher
Price: $1,997
Website: www.PushButtonInfluence.com
The Verdict: 100% Amazing

Push Button Influence

Hey Folks – Jeff Lenney here and THANK YOU for checking out my Push Button Influence Review! For those who say I ramble on sometimes (it’s true) I’ll get STRAIGHT to the point and answer the question on everybody’s minds:

What IS Push Button Influence?

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I’m glad you asked! 🙂

In a nutshell, PBI teaches aspiring influencers have to attain massive visibility at virtually no cost by leveraging the power of new media (social media).

What is New Media?

Who is it for?

Push Button Influence is a 10-week coaching and training program led by Alex Mandossian & Steve Olsher that finishes with a three-day live intensive taking place June 23-25, 2016 in Los Angeles.

It is designed for authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, professionals, solopreneurs and small business owners who seek to leverage the power of new media (social media) to create and control their own distribution channel for the widespread, cost-efficient dissemination of their mission and message.

To sum it up quickly; You’ll be learning how to build a name for yourself and/or your brand, and the methods they teach I have NOT heard of anywhere else.  This is definitely one of those ‘things’ I wish I knew when I first got started.

What’s in the course?

Alot to be honest with you, for a SNEAK Peak as to who these guys are and what they’re about check out this amazing Video.

Anyways – there’s actually quite a bit more than I expected, and the level of the training truly is second to none.  For those who may be intimidated about reaching out to celebrities or social-media influencers – don’t be.  Alex and Steve walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know step-by-step and I feel even a complete newbie to the business world could follow the steps with no issues.

Having said that, the training consists of many modules broken down into 5 main PBI pillars.

I need you to understand something.  You’re going to have homework, you’re going to have challenges that push you Outsides of your comfort zone.  BUT you’re here for a reason – to have ‘Push Button Influence’.  So read on, and I’ll do my best to put your mind at ease. 🙂

5 PBI Pillars (Learning, Doing, Scaling, Automation (Tools), & Wrapping it all up at their live event later in 2016)

The 5 Pillars of Push Button Influence

  • Pillar #1: PBI Training (“Learning”)
    • 8 PBI “How To” MODULES that are mobile-friendly (Audio/Video/Transcripts)
    • EACH Module comes with An Action Guide and Checklist (PDF’s & Printer Friendly)
    • All Members Get access to a Members ONLY Private FB Group
    • Open Office Hours –> (Live Webinars where you dial in to get ALL of your questions answered).
      • 1-1.5hrs each & associated with each module
    • Live Support Desk to answer any and all questions related to the product & training.
  • 8 Modules – Overview
    1. Content (Message, Branding, TOI)
    2. Technology (Video, Audio, Written — Platforms)
    3. Planning (Editorial Calendar, Guests, Curation, Productivity)
    4. Repurposing (Syndication, Simulcasting, Amplification)
    5. Production
    6. Engagement (Audience, Community, Persuasion, Marketing – Getting In Front of the right Person, Conversion – Getting the right people to take your desired action, Countdown Timers, etc)
    7. Networking (Connecting With Other Hosts, Media, JV partners, Guests, Influencers)
    8. Outsourcing — Tools & Resources

Goal: You’ll be asked to do your first Web RADIO/TV SHOW in first 21 days! Talk about AWESOME!

The more influential you are, the less buttons you push

Influence more, push less

Remember that.

  • Pillar #2: PBI Challenge (“Doing”)
    • Time to have some fun!  You’ll be making a “game” of the 8 Modules with PBI Challenge with an Online Leaderboard.  Can you get the most (IP’s – “Influence Points”) and IP2 (Implementation Points)?
    • “Nobody Gets Left Behind”
    • Implementation Points by completing modules/quizzes
    • Influence Points by doing or being in interviews, interviewing an influencer, and exchanging correspondence with influencers
    • Don’t worry – you WON’T Won’t be alone! Use the group for support, to overcome obstacles & challenge progress
  • Now – here’s where the REAL fun comes in.  They’re going to REWARD you if you do well! (This stuff is SERIOUSLY cool, and great motivation to take action too!)
    • Rewards/Awards if you qualify by so many points
    • PBI Radio Show Interview/Guest
    • Friday Hangout
    • PBI Spotlight (Public Acknowledgment)
    • Mailing Of your Offer/Product to their List
    • MVP Facebook Group
    • Status Tokens
    • And more…

– Goal: Publish 3 shows on iTunes or Stitcher or YouTube in 44 days

  • Pillar #3: PBI Empire (“Scaling”)
  • “Done For You” section
    • Templates
      • Pre Doc
      • Post Doc
      • Interview Doc
      • Emails
      • Pitch Template
  • Repurposing Template
  • Networking With Influencers
    • Email Templates
    • F.I.T. Formula
    • Influencer Hit List
      • (This is a list of 241 Social Media Influencers Who Can Make You Famous With The Push Of A Button – includes their full names, info, amount of followers AND their best contact email address)
  • Connect with other PBI Student Shows (Practice)

– Goal: Get invited as a guest on an Influencer’s show or have a new media influencer (student-defined) on your show in 66 days

  • Pillar #4: PBI Automation (“Tools” – Priceless) (Blueprint Bonanza)
    • Resources
      • Click Funnels — Free Trial
      • PBI Templates for Click Funnels
      • WebinarJam — 180 Days (6 Months For $1)
      • PBI Templates For Webinar Jam
      • Email/AR Templates For New Subscribers (Indoctrination Series)
      • Show Title Templates
      • Graphics Templates (Guest & Show)
      • InfusionSoft — Free or Discounted Trial
      • After Trial Ends — The PBI team Pushes 3 (or more) Pre-Built Campaigns Into Their Account

– Goal: To maximize subscriptions and influence by PBI Immersion (live event)

Now – Pillar 5 is probably one of my FAVORITES in this.  You’re invited to the PBI Immersion (live event) to put into PRACTICE in front of other PBI students, celebrities & coaches what you’ve been learning and working so hard on!

  • Pillar #5: PBI Immersion (“Live Event” – $3K Value) (Live Practice / PB Monetization)
  • America’s Got Talent Meets Shark Tank
  • Day 0
    • Mastermind (High-End Clients + Sponsors)
    • Ice Breaker (Students)
  • Day 1
    • Pitch Fest (Students trying to convince influencers to have them on their show)
    • Expert Panel Judging with Alex, Steve, etc.
  • Day2
    • Deep dive into selected areas of focus
    • Bookstore (PB Monetization)
  • Day 3
    • Continued deeper level training
    • “Stick” Celebration (Brunch)
    • Private OPEN OFFICE HOURS (Alex & Steve) to handle FAQs + Roadblocks
  • LiveCast
  • NMI Panel
  • Live Blab Show From The Event

– Goal: To perfect the PBI pitch and immerse in PBI community

On TOP of all this, you also get access to these PBI Bonuses:

  • Ultimate Podcast Site Directory
  • Ultimate Web 2.0 Syndication (SEO Product)
  • Ultimate New Media Show Directory
  • Media Pitch School LIVE! (Alex & Steve)
  • PBI Campaign Template (Actual)

Ready to take that first step?

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