Recode DNA For Wealth Review & Bonus

Recode DNA for Wealth Review & Bonus

Product Name: Recode DNA for Wealth
Product Creator: Dawn Clark
Price: $497.00 (One Time Payment)
The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

Recode DNA for Wealth Review & Bonus

Hey Folks – thanks SO much for stopping by to check out my Recode DNA for Wealth Review – which of course looks to be ANOTHER amazing program from Dawn Clark.

I’ll cut straight to the chase and answer the question on EVERYBODY’S mind right now:


What IS Recode DNA for Wealth?

I’m glad you asked! 🙂 Recode DNA for Wealth is a program that takes ordinary people like you and me BEYOND the limitations of our genes and unlocks the potential that is within each and every single one of us.

Recode DNA is the result of many years of research within fields of developmental biology, quantum physics and epigenitics.  If that sounds confusing – don’t worry I’ll explain it! LOL

It’s been researched by scientists, tested by students and even backed up by literature.

The contents of this course is delivered with both audio AND video, and you’re even given your own “choose your own adventure” type of story to REALLY up your experience with your own hero’s journey!

By the time you’re done with your training, you’ll be both entertained and enlightened and know what’s REALLY truly possible.  You’ll also have ALL the tools needed in order to make the simple changes needed to recode your own DNA.

Sound confusing? I promise it’s not


What does the training consist of?

I’m glad you asked! I actually got the product myself so I could show you first hand!

Note: Module #1 opens up the first Tuesday of the program, with each new module (through 6) opening up every Tuesday after that.

The Foundation Videos

Recode DNA For Wealth Members Area

The Foundation Videos are to help get you into the proper mindset for the training that lies ahead, while they’re FULL of value and actionable training – they’re NOT the main course – it gets even BETTER after these!!

  • Foundations 1 – Foundations and Getting Started
    • This is the “introduction” module if you will, but really it’s SO much more.  It shows you what you can expect from this training, and even goes into the scientific backed neuroplasticity behind what Dawn is teaching.  I was quite blown away by it, and learned quite a few things from this video.
  • Foundations 2: Benchmark Assessment
    • Benchmark assessments are valuable tools. The answers you provide in this questionnaire today—prior to beginning Module One of this course—will give you a snapshot of where you are as you begin this journey of transformation.
    • By taking this assessment now, you will have the opportunity to come back at a future time to reflect on changes you’ve made in your life.
    • You will be amazed to see how you will have grown and changed and that validation will reinforce your progress, maximize your results, and support you time and again to achieve success as you upgrade your life!
    • My #1 Tip here: Be HONEST when filling out questions for this survey.  You’ll need 10-20 minutes to complete it and it should be done in one sitting.
  • Foundations 3: Decoding Primary Forces
    • This is the first of a three part BONUS Video Series! It provides an AMAZING foundation for you, and will help you to JUMPSTART your understanding for the content that lies ahead!
  • Foundations 4: Activating Hidden Drivers
    • This is the second of the three part BONUS video series & is definitely worth a watch!
  • Foundation 5: Strategies for Success
    • This is the third of the three part BONUS video series and is my favorite of the three personally!


The Main Training (6 Modules)

To be completely honest, the amount of training and sheer VALUE you get in this course is IMMENSE.  As I mentioned above, they DO release 1 new module on each Tuesday for the first 6 weeks – and having reviewed these I now know why.  Make sure you don’t just WATCH each video in each module – but truly and wholly IMMERSE yourself in them in order to get the most out of each one and unlock your REAL potential.

Recode DNA For Wealth Modules

  • MODULE 1 – Unlocking Your Untapped Wealth Potential and Activating Your Brain-Field Connection
    • MODULE 1.1 – What’s in Your Broadcast?
    • MODULE 1.2 – Waves In and Out of Phase
    • MODULE 1.3 – The Adventure Begins!
    • MODULE 1.4 – The M-Virus Revealed
    • MODULE 1.5 – Targeted Briefing
    • MODULE 1.6 – Diagnostic Survey: Untapped Wealth Potential
    • MODULE 1.7 – SMART Training: Your Brain’s Connection to the Field
    • MODULE 1.8 – Wealth Gene Activation & Being Opening to Receive
    • MODULE 1.9 – Field Notes and Activities
    • MODULE 1.10 – Wealth Zone Library – Coaching Call #1


  • MODULE 2 -Decoding Junk DNA Imprints related to Opportunity, Pioneering and Entrepreneurialism
    • MODULE 2.1 -The Secret Language of Your Junk DNA
    • MODULE 2.2 -How to Get Rid of Your M-Viruses
    • MODULE 2.3 – Adventure Episode 3: Uncharted Territory
    • MODULE 2.4 -Targeted Briefing: Exploring Uncharted Territory (Risk taking is a critical part of life! Remember it’s important to do it intelligently.)
    • MODULE 2.5 -Diagnostic Survey: Pioneering and Entrepreneurial Imprints
    • MODULE 2.6 -SMART Training: Overwriting Your Viruses
    • MODULE 2.7 -Wealth Gene Activation:Opportunity Creation
    • MODULE 2.8 – Field Notes Activity #2
    • MODULE 2.9 -Wealth Zone Library – Coaching Call #2
    • Wealth Gene Activations: Master Access


  • MODULE 3: – Overcoming Imprints of Scarcity and Loss & The Power of Core Fractals
    • MODULE 3.1 -Introduction to The Power of Core Fractals
    • MODULE 3.2 -Adventure Episode 4: Is there Enough?
    • MODULE 3.3 -Targeted Briefing: Scarcity and Abundance Programming
    • MODULE 3.4 -Diagnostic Survey: Economic Imprints
    • MODULE 3.5 -SMART Training: Fractal Dimensions
    • MODULE 3.6 -SMART Training: Fun with Fractals
    • MODULE 3.7 – Adventure Episode 5: Self-Determination
    • MODULE 3.8 – Targeted Briefing: Loss, Displacement and Safety/Security Programming
    • MODULE 3.9 – Diagnostic Survey: Adversity
    • MODULE 3.10 – Wealth Gene Activation & Worthiness and Deservedness
    • MODULE 3.11 -Field Notes 3
    • MODULE 3.12 -Wealth Zone Library – Coaching Call #3


  • MODULE 4 -Mapping The Impact from Family of Origin and Hotspots from Critical Life Events
    • MODULE 4.1 – The Power of Emotional Carrier Waves
    • MODULE 4.2 – Adventure Episode 6: Family of Origin
    • MODULE 4.3 – Targeted Briefing: Family of Origin Imprints
    • MODULE 4.4 – Diagnostic Survey: Deciphering Family of Origin Imprints – Part 1 of 2
    • MODULE 4.5 – Diagnostic Survey: Deciphering Family of Origin Imprints – Part 2 of 2
    • MODULE 4.6 – SMART Training: The Love Energy of Money
    • MODULE 4.7 – Field Notes: Emotional Carrier Waves
    • MODULE 4.8 – Adventure Episode 7: Critical Life Events
    • MODULE 4.9 – Targeted Briefing: Critical Life Events
    • MODULE 4.10 – Diagnostic Survey: Deciphering Imprints from Critical Live Events
    • Module 4.11 – Wealth Zone Library – Coaching Call #4


  • MODULE 5 -Deciphering Imprints from Culture, Media and Dogma
    • MODULE 5.1 – Waking Up Your Authentic Self
    • MODULE 5.2 – Adventure Episode 8: Culture, Media, Dogma
    • MODULE 5.3 – Targeted Briefing: Culture, Media and Dogma Imprints
    • MODULE 5.4 – Diagnostic Survey: Deciphering Culture, Media and Dogma Imprints
    • MODULE 5.5 – SMART Training: Life Above the Neutral Line
    • MODULE 5.6 – SMART Training: Change is Good
    • MODULE 5.7 – SMART Training: Inviting Opportunity
    • MODULE 5.8 – Field Notes: Rewriting Your Destiny
    • MODULE 5.9 – Your Frequency Codes for Money and Success – A Sneak Peek
    • MODULE 5.10 – Multi-Sensory Tool: The Power of You
    • Module 5.11 – Wealth Zone Library – Coaching Call #5


  • MODULE 6 – Getting Your Personalized Tools, Quantum Monogamy and Power Apps
    • MODULE 6.1 – Getting Your Personal Frequency Codes
    • MODULE 6.2 – Code Verification Diagnostic
      • This set of questions is the final verification required to build your personalized Code tools.
    • MODULE 6.3 – Adventure Episode 10: The Catalyst
    • MODULE 6.4 – Catalyst Training 1: Quantum Entanglement
      • This fascinating scientific principle helps explain our reality, and chances are it confirms what you’ve been suspecting for years!
    • MODULE 6.5 – Catalyst Training 2: Navigating Chaos
    • MODULE 6.6 – Catalyst Training 3: Finding the Sweet Spot
    • MODULE 6.7 – Frequency Code Protocol
    • MODULE 6.8 – Code Activation: Basic Interactions
    • MODULE 6.9 – Code Activation: Structuring Water
    • MODULE 6.10 – Code Activation: Super-Charged Visioning
    • MODULE 6.11 – Code Activation: The Eye of Soul
    • MODULE 6.12 – SMART Training: Going Beyond Goals and Putting It All Together
    • MODULE 6.13 – Wealth Zone Library – Coaching Call #6

On TOP of all of the above AMAZING training, you also get access to a LOT (and I mean A-LOT) of BONUS materials from Dawn custom tailored to help you succeed!  These include things like live group coaching calls with Dawn, a “choose your own adventure” experience and so much more!

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Recode DNA for Wealth Bonuses

BESIDES the amazing quality product you get above – you ALSO get access to a SLEW of amazing bonuses 100% selected to help YOU succeed and get the most out of your results!

  • Bonus #1: 3 Live Group Coaching Calls With Dawn (Immediate Access)
    • Get direct access to Dawn during these LIVE Group Coaching Calls.

Recode DNA For Wealth Bonus


  • Bonus #2: Wealth Encoding While You Sleep (This bonus opens 30 days after module 1 opens)
    • Rest, Rejuvenate, Recode. Science has proven that we integrate new information faster when we reinforce it during sleep. Upgrade as you sleep!

Recode DNA For Wealth Bonus


  • Bonus #3: Choose Your Own Adventure (This bonus opens WITH module 1)
    • Chart your own course through these interactive, playful yet deeply rewarding adventures in time and space. This choice-driven experience empowers you apply what you’ve learned and accelerate progress in everyday life!

Recode DNA For Wealth Bonus


  • Bonus #4: Targeted Recoding for Success (This bonus opens 60 days after module 1)
    • Get down to the “code level” to target, defrag and reformat your personal operating system at the deepest level. Target areas specific to you and your situation, because no two people are the same!
Recode DNA For Wealth Bonus


  • Bonus #5: “Upgrade Anything Now” Framework (This bonus opens 60 days after module 1)
    • Upgrade every part of your life! Find out how to use the tools and knowledge you’ve learned to tackle any issue and move forward with this step-by-step process.
Recode DNA For Wealth Bonus


  • Bonus #6: Wormholing (This bonus opens 90 days after module 1)
    • Transcend the limits of time and space with this powerful training that gives you the ability to connect with your desired tomorrow from where you are today! Doing so provides invaluable insight, perspective, and the ability to preprogram your field for success!
 Recode DNA For Wealth Bonus


  • Bonus #7: Transformational Linguistics (This bonus opens 90 days after module 1)
    • Put the power of transformation behind the language of life. Go to the next level by designing your own personalized coding for wealth, opportunity and success.

Recode DNA For Wealth Bonus

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MY Personal Recode DNA for Wealth Review

First of all, before I tell you MY personal review and experience with Recoda DNA for Wealth – let me show you what some top INDUSTRY leaders are saying first!

Dawn’s tools gave me the edge when it counted. They helped me embed a winning mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and clear blocked energy. Thank you, Dawn, for showing me the path to a winning life!! – – Uchenna Agu, Million-dollar winner of CBS’s prime-time TV show “The Amazing Race”

Dawn’s work connects the dots like I have never seen them connected before. It is obvious that her knowledge comes from direct experience and goes beyond any set of books.– Jerome Conlon, Former Global Marketing & Brand Planning Dir. at Nike, VP Brand Planning at Starbucks, and SVP Marketing & Program Dev. at NBC Entertainment

Dawn’s work not only has the unique capacity to unlock hidden potential, it also bridges the gap from the individual to the planet.– Beth Beloff, Founder of Inst. for Corporate Environmental Mgmt. at Univ. of Houston Business School; Former Dir. Global Commons Project for Nat. Academy of Science

Needless to say, Dawn has worked with some pretty amazingly, talented and intelligent people in her career – and I wholly feel that the opportunity for YOU to work with her is NOT one you want to miss.

While I have NOT gong through all of the materials yet (as I just got them yesterday) – so far I am VERY impressed and will be adding this to my arsenal along with A Bug Free Mind and other amazing mind set courses.

I HIGHLY recommend you pick this up now – make sure you do so via THIS LINK in order to get access to your promised bonuses as well.

If you have any questions – PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask.  Leave a comment down below, or email me here.

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