The Singing Guru Review

The Singing Guru Review and Bonus

The Product: The Singing Guru
The Creator: Jamie Lewis
The Verdict: Recommended

The Singing Guru ReviewHey guys, Jeff Lenney here.  Thanks for stopping by to check out my review of The Singing Guru by Jamie Lewis.

JUST so I’m being transparent here, I’ve been friends with Jamie now for about 4 years or so, but before that I was his STUDENT, just like you can be.

It’s because of Jamie that I am where I am today.  Through him, I was able to get that initial Internet Marketing Mentoring that I never had before (as you know, I was mostly self taught for my first few years, and I talk about the need for a mentor all the time).

I first met up with Jamie via his “IM With Jamie” coaching product. It consisted of 2 webinars per WEEK, as well as a bunch of other training.  I eventually got to know him THROUGH the webinars (as you will too, no doubt with his SG webinars)

He gave me that initial mentoring, advice and boost of confidence that eventually led ME to work with Top Internet Marketers, and earn over $125,000 in a single MONTH solely on the internet.

He’s 100% the real deal – which is why I have ZERO recommending this product to you.

Now, I don’t just want to promote it BLINDLY, so I did get full access to the product so I can  not just TELL you but SHOW you what it is.

The Singing Guru Members Area

JUST $5.00 For Access!


What is “The Singing Guru” all about?

At first I was a bit hesitant about the product name, The Singing Guru.  Internet Marketing “Gurus” usually have a negative feeling associated with them.  But – I see what Jamie is doing here – he’s trying to take away the negatives often associated with “Guru” and put a very positive (and fun) spin on it.

With SG – you get 2 MAIN things, but trust me there’s a TON more

#1.  Webinars The product itself is 3 VERY personal Webinars (up to 5 hours long) with Jamie Lewis where you’ll not only get a 1 on 1 session YOURSELF, but hear him share the knowledge that only somebody with his experience can share.

He’s VERY knowledgeable and VERY passionate about his work and helping others succeed, which is why I like him so much.

On the webinars, Jamie will start off with the Basics of Internet Marketing – that usually lasts the first 1 or 2 weeks to filter out any serial refunders and not give out the juicy stuff 😉

Usually after week 2, he gets into the REAL good stuff – and will even take up to 30 minutes on the PUBLIC webinar to analyze one students plan of action, campaign or website and give them PERSONAL recommendations and even homework.

Now – I WILL say this – If Jamie Gives you homework, personally as part of the group, DO it.  He WILL hold you accountable, and he WILL call you out if you don’t do it.

PERSONALLY, I like this about him – as it caused ME to really hustle to get things done as I wanted to show I was serious, and not get made fun of on the webinars LOL

#2 A 100 Page downloadable training guide

To be honest (and please Jamie don’t kill me) this is actually 68 pages – but it might as well be 100, or even 200 – it’s packed SO full of amazing information.  This goes from A-Z with how Jamie made his first DOLLAR online, to his first MILLION – and this was BEFORE he became a big internet marketer.  He talks about how he took his passion, and made a ton of money with it – and how YOU can even do the same yourself!

After going through it, I have to admit that this guide is an AMAZING read.  I recommend PRINTING IT out and sitting down for a few hours to read it.  It will definitely change the way you approach things online.

#3 A TON of Jamie’s previously HOT webinars.  

You’ll get access to HOURS of Jamie’s previous HOT and most popular webinars.  These are webinars that people have paid HUNDREDS of dollars to get access to, and they’re YOURS included with your membership

If you’re NEW to Internet Marketing and looking to learn from somebody who has been where you are, and is now where you want to be – I HIGHLY recommend you pick up a copy of The Singing Guru.  I’m putting MY reputation on the line by recommending this, and I would NOT do that if I didn’t trust Jamie and believe in his coaching.

>>> Purchase the Singing Guru


P.S. If you’re looking for something on a different level, check out 7 Figure Cycle by Aidan Booth!

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