UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom Review (Sean Donahoe)

​Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney Here and THANK YOU for Stopping by to check out my UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom Review (by Sean Donahoe, of course!)

For those that don't yet know, unlike those fake "reviewers" out there who just copy what they find online (usually from my reviews), I NEVER review something unless I get it first, use it, go through it, and make sure it delivers what it promises! That was the case with UnHustled 6-figure freedom, so let's get to the reason you're here:

​UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom  - what's it all about?

I got it, so I can show you! 🙂

UnHustled 6 Figure Freedom Members Area

​Important: If you're not prepared to take the steps run a very REAL and PROFITABLE business, then close this page now, because ​this program is not for you.

​​UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom ​Solves 3 Main Problems for businesses:
  1. ​​They Show You How to Instantly Create an Irresistible High-Ticket Offer ​
  2. ​They Show You How to Get a Constant Stream of PERFECT Customers​
  3. ​They Show You How to CONVERT Those Leads into Sales (Or ​they'll do it for you!)

​Next up, ​Sean & his ​team show ​you the VERY same "Non-Salesy" strategy ​they've used to close deals and create millions in sales.

The very framework we've only ever shared with private clients for $5K+ and powers many of ​their businesses.

​Here's where I think they're a bit crazy, they're offering to do this (convert/close the deal FOR you with their own sales team)

​UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom Members Area

UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom

​Honestly, the ​​training comes with a LOT of great information!

There is plenty of information, BUT I never found it to be overwhelming.  Plenty of the training is pre-recorded, while a lot of it is also done live - giving you the best of  both worlds.

My recommendation for making the MOST of the training and your time is this:

Start with the ​Traffic Mastery and then as soon as you can, get into the 90 Day Challenge as that's the FAST-Track. ​They'll also also have a PRIMER for the 90 Day program while you wait for it to start

UnHustled​(Traffic) Mastery

​This is the core ​traffic mastery program ​​that gives you the ultimate approach to not only finding, but ​filtering, engaging , and converting your perfect clients.

Without giving away the secret sauce, the strategy and process he uses taps into a traffic Goldmine most people have ignored (myself included, until now) and it only takes ​4 sales to create a 6-figure consistent and predictable income stream...

It consists of 9 weeks of pre-recorded training, and each week's module contains multiple lessons.

​Like all of Sean's stuff, he skips the fluff and gets straight to the point with this training.  You start off with ​learning exactly what you will be offering as your first service product (assuming you do not already have your own service to offer). ​

The weeks/lessons are broken down as follows:

  • Week 1: Laying the Foundation
  • Week 2: Niching Down & Focusing
  • Week 3: Casting the Net
  • Week 4: Nurture and Top of Mind
  • Week 5: First Contact
  • Week 6: Sealing the Deal
  • Week 7: Client Management and Tracking
  • Week 8: Automation and Outsourcing
  • Week 9: What's Next

The ​Unhustled ​90-Day Pathfinder Challenge

This is the LIVE portion of the UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom training, and definitely a main component of the course.

Inside the 90 Day Pathfinder challenge, ​Sean and team walk ​students through the process for 90 days.

The ​First 5 days are ​done live DAILY, then they go live once per week​, going around holidays (Christmas, etc) as needed.

​Legacy Training

This is the official UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom ​Accelerator 10 part program. This is legacy training and is included for FREE as part of your access to the program.

​This module also comes with a 7-Day Fast Track Action Plan:

​According to Sean Donahoe, "One of the core tenets of being UnHustled is getting stuff done."

​So -  In this special turbo-charged lesson ​you're going to dive in and get things moving FAST.

​First, Sean is going to lay out a 7-day plan for you to get started with your ​business right now!

You can download a quick cheat-sheet and scripts in the downloads section of this module as well.

You'll also learn Sean's "One Sentence Elevator Pitch" to use as your core headline section of your profile, as well as some chat opener basics that are 10x better than the usual automated BS you probably see in your ​Inbox Every Day!

​For those that prefer automation though, Module 5 lesson 1 has the automated scripts and outlines that are required to build out the full automation. There you will also find the details of what to do when they hit reply & the "Give value first" by "introducing them to your network" process

That being said, this portion of the course consists of 10 modules/weeks of training, broken down like this:

  • Week 1 - Laying the Foundation
  • Week 2 - Niching Down
  • Week 3 - The Not So Secret Traffic Source
  • Week 4 - Starting the Casual Conversation
  • Week 5 - Transition and Filtering
  • Week 6 - Sealing the Deal
  • Week 7 - Onboarding Your Client
  • Week 8 - Automation and Streamlining
  • Week 9 - Bringing Everything Together
  • Week 10 - What's Next?

Off the Clock - Weekly Training / Insights

​I have to be honest, this is one of my favorite sections of UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom so far - because it's "real".  In the Off The Clock portion, you'll get weekly strategies, insights and inspiration from Sean and Phil.

These are (generally), 30+ Minute White Board style videos.  You certainly don't have to go through them all, but it's nice to skim through this section and see what's included.

A few of my personal favorites are:

​The Mozambique Drill - In this week's "Off The Clock", Sean reveals how a special forces tactical combat maneuver can be applied to your business and your life to enhance communications and your messaging in three swift steps.

8 UnHustled Time Hacks - In this Off the Clock session, Sean reveals his 8 simple strategies to hack time. No, there's no flux capacitor, no De Lorean and he doesn't have to run at 88MPH... These are simple strategies you can use to reclaim your time and a wee bit more freedom at the same time.

5 Elements of Attention Building - In this week's Off the Clock, Sean and Phil break down the 5 critical steps that attract attention and garner engagement for any product or service you offer and get your audience to love what you are doing BEFORE you do it...

Scarcity Vs Abundance Mindset - In this week's Off the Clock session, Sean and Phil discuss how changing your mindset from the common Scarcity mindset to the Abundance mindset can transform how you look at life and business. There's no bead rattling, woo-woo or Kumbaya singing, just plain old smart psychology...

There are MANY more like this, it's just good stuff to go into for good marketing and mindset knowledge and information!

Bonus Training - Various including sales training

​Bonus training modules for the ​training program including walkthrough's of the Kickstart system, the 9-Step Deal Maker Framework, writing emails that don't suck, How to Create A High-Ticket Product in under 48 hours, and much more. 

​What do ​UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom's STUDENTS say?

I'm glad you asked! 🙂

​My UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom Review & Final Verdict

I've spent a lot of time in this review so far going through the modules and the training included in the course.  I wanted this review to be as comprehensive as possible, without giving everything away at the same time.

I hit up Sean via Skype earlier this afternoon to get a few more words from him, and this is what he had to say:

"Our goal is simple, help people free up more of their time and create a REAL revenue stream. We want everyone who goes through our program to have the freedom to do what they want, when they want and the resources to actually do that. That is what we call being 'UnHustled' and it's time to exit the grind..."

​- Sean Donahoe, CEO / Co-Founder UnHustled, LLC.

​That being said - I'm quite impressed with UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom.  Sean and his team have put a LOT of work into making this a solid product, and it shows.

The first time I logged into the members area, I actually said "wow" out loud.  The members area is impressive, and ​you can tell they didn't just throw it together in an afternoon.

Without giving away the secret sauce, the strategy and process he uses taps into a Goldmine most people have ignored and it only takes ​4 sales to create a 6-figure consistent and predictable income stream...

$2k x 4 x 12 = $96k
$3k x 4 x 12 = $144k a year

​He breaks it down in a way that really makes you say "wow, I ​​​​CAN​​​ do this" - and ​truthfully, I really dig his approach to business and coaching.  â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹

​To make the MOST of the training and your time, do this:

  1. Start with the ​Traffic Mastery first. 
  2. ​As soon as you can, get into the 90 Day Challenge as that's the FAST-Track to having your business up and running (and profitable) WITHIN 90 Days.

​It's important to understand that 6-Figure UnHustled Freedom is NOT your typical "Make Money Online" type of offer, though there's nothing wrong with those (in most cases).

This program is for those who have (or want to have) a profitable ​business working with high-end clients, and it goes out of it's way to make sure you have the best possible understanding of doing so.  

​This is THE training program I wish I had 3-4 years ago, when I was starting to look for and find my own clients​.

​The training is Sean's program is complete and I can't think of anything (yet) that I feel it's ​missing or lacking.  

There is only ONE major problem with programs like this one ...

Despite the higher price tag, MOST people that buy it won't ever take action, or do what it teaches.

​If you're going to spend money on a program like this, with the goal of bettering yourself - DON'T be that person that just sits on your hands, and never doing anything with what you learn.

Don't be that person in 12 months that is "almost ready to start".  

(I've seen plenty of those before, when I was Anik Singal's head coach".  I always try to be as motivating as I can, and give people that push - but ultimately it's up to YOU whether or not you "take action", or just sit on the sidelines hoping for a better life.  

No Silly Bonuses here that won't accomplish anything for you or your business, if you liked this review and what I have to say about the program, I'd love if you'd use my affiliate link below.  If not, no hard feelings, we can still be friends. 😎

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