Viddyoze Live Action Review by Real User

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here with my Viddyoze Live Action Review!  For those that don’t know me, there are 2 things that set me apart from other reviewers you may see:

  1. I’m a Real Person using my real name and face,
  2. I’m not going to lie to you to get you to buy via my link.
    1. Many scammers out there offer fake discounts (80% off, for example) they have no right to offer, and no way to honor. Then others add on $20,000 worth of cheap ‘bonuses’ that you could get for free from any PLR membership website.

See what I mean? LOL Having said that, let’s get to the reason you’re here:

What is Viddyoze Live Action all about?

I’m glad you asked, check it out!

With OVER 50,000 ACTIVE Users, and OVER 1,000,000 Rendered Videos, Viddyoze took the world by storm and became an overnight success, and with good reason.

Now the boys from the UK are back, with Viddyoze Live Action – and I have to say it looks even BETTER than the first version!

Viddyoze live action review

Anyways, here’s what Viddyoze Live Action Does:

Viddyoze Live Action is the latest creation by the boys from the UK (as I like to call em).  It now brings together LIVE recorded footage along with 3d animations, 100% automated.  This has NEVER been done before and I have to admit, it’s pretty freaking fantastic!

For those of you doing E-Commerce, FaceBook Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and even Video Marketing – you’ll want to pay attention to this as it truly is ‘next level shit’ as they like to say.

You’re able to fully customize videos from their MASSIVE library of professional videos with your own logo, colors, images, text and more!

Check out the example IMAGES below (these are VIDEOS by the way, not just still images)

Viddyoze Live Action Review

Anyways, when you sign up – you’ll get access to OVER 100 Live Action Templates (like above).  Each one is completely customizable with it’s own logo, images and text.  These videos were recorded with a team of actors JUST for Viddyoze Users, you will NOT find them anywyere else, period.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Select Your Template

Step 2: Customize to your Taste

Step 3: Hit “Render”

Step 4: Profit?

The BEST part about it all? It’s 100% WEB BASED and you can even use it from your SMART PHONE!

No expensive software to install or download.  It’s TOTALLY tech newbie friendly.  There is a HUGE variety of templates in a TON of different niches – AND you can create AMAZINGLY beautiful 3d motion effects that can NOT be created this quick ANYWHERE else.

Viddoyze Live Action Demo Video

Viddoyze Live Action Demo Video

Honestly, what’s not to like? My Review is still a work in progress, but I’ll have more info including an AMAZING bonus here very soon!

Jeff Lenney

Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.