Overnight Millionaire System Review by Wesley Virgin

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For those that don't know who I am, it's important to know one thing:

I never review & recommend a program unless I actually get it, test it, and make sure it delivers on what it promises.

Wesley Virgin

That was certainly the case with my Overnight Millionaire System Review, by Wesley VIrgin - so let's dig in!

Before we get started, let's dig into the man himself

WHO the heck is Wesley Virgin?

According to an article on Forbes.com, "Wesley Virgin, the creator of Virgin Media based in Houston, Texas, is a self-made millionaire who credits his success to “uncut mind hacks” which allow him to bring his entrepreneurial ideas to life.

With a following of over a million people, and an astounding $30 million he was able to generate in one year through his online promotion and ownership of fitness products, he is continuously involved in offering to help aspiring entrepreneurs in altering their potentially confined mindsets."

Powerful Stuff!

On a PERSONAL Note, Wesley is one of the MOST Addicting people to watch and interact with online.  He goes from "Drill Sergeant" in your face (with love tho!) to calm, caring & reassuring - all without ever losing that 'edge'.

If you follow him, you know what I mean.  

Anyway, In the Intro Video in the members area of his Overnight Millionaire System, he talks about how he STRUGGLED for maybe 7 years or so.

Things He did that didn't work:

  • Read all the Self-Help Books
  • Attended all the Self-Help Seminars, like Tony Robbins
  • Try to Make Money Online
  • Everything else you can think of

(I actually met Tony as I was involved in his Knowledge Broker Blueprint Promotion, and the experience was phenomenal & I'm grateful for the experience, but it's not for everybody!)

Tony Robbins and Jeff Lenney

Anyway, nothing really gave Wesley that breakthrough he NEEDED to find success, and to become a multi-millionaire - in the Overnight Millionaire System Training he shares what DID work - and it's all about mindset (and it's phenomenal!)

So, What's The Overnight Millionaire System all About?

In Overnight Millionaire System, Wesley Virgin is going to show you how in just 30 DAYS he want from making just $500 a month or so, to making One-Million Dollars in a single month!

Wesley explains how the mind works, and how we all have two minds, the conscience and sub-conscience mind.

Overnight Millionaire System & process itself is actually VERY simple:

First, get yourself some headphones to help you focus

(It's something I do daily)

Then, download/listen to the provided audio files every day for 30 days.  

Personally, I don't work AT ALL unless i have headphones on to block the outside noise and really help me focus!

I used to rock a pair of Beats by Dre - the audio and bass is great, but they're more for music, and don't work as well for phone calls or audio manifestations like Wesley's.

Now I use a pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones & I could not live without them!

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Don't worry about spending big money on headphones though, a cheap pair will work just as well.  They'll help you to FOCUS and drown out outside noises and distractions.

Theses audios will condition your mind for success and abundance.. Please trust the process as you Listen To Each Audio Every Day for 30 full days.

Enough about audio, let's get into the Overnight Millionaire System! 🙂

What's Included in the course?

Like I mentioned before, the Overnight Millionaire System & process itself is actually VERY simple, get yourself some headphones to help you focus (it's something I do daily), and download/listen to the provided audio files every day for 30 days.  

There are 5 main audio files included within The Overnight Millionaire System that you'll want to listen to daily, ranging between 2 minutes and 16 minutes, about 30-35 minutes in total.

They combine things that the CIA has used for years, such as NLP, hypnosis, and even brainwave manipulation with one simple goal, "implanting" new beliefs about wealth into YOUR mind, like Wesley did for himself using them.  

You probably won't notice anything for the first few days, which is why it's CRITICAL to listen to the audio files DAILY, for 30 days.  You can download them to your computer, your smart phone, or anyplace else you can think of - so zero excuses, this is your DAILY homework!

AGAIN - very important to get yourself a pair of headphones as they'll help you to FOCUS and block out outside sounds.

On Top of the 5 Audio Files, you get access to a nice chunk of VIDEO Training, geared to help you succeed - you only need to watch these once, though I recommend watching them each a few times as they're really motivational and give you a nice kick in the butt when needed.  

  • Millionaire Hack #1 - The Untold Secret to Writing in your journal to Manifest anything you want FAST!
  • Millionaire Hack #2 - How To Visualize to manifest things faster 
  • Millionaire Hack #3 -  How To Become a Person High Value to Attract More Customers Even If you Don't Have a Business
  • Millionaire Hack #4 - How To Listen To The Right Person To Get What You Want Faster, this video will save you years of frustration and failure
  • Millionaire Hack #5 - How To create unshakeable belief so you can see results faster
  • Millionaire Hack #6 - How I create multiple streams of income with little to know effort
  • Millionaire Hack #7 - How to become a great persuader with ease

He also includes a few bonus videos and audio

  • Bonus: Underground Techniques And Mind Hacks 
  • Bonus: Body Stimulating Formula - this video is AMAZING.  It covers depression, body posture, and a few simple "hacks" you can do IMMEDIATELY to feel better! It's common sense, but I love the way Wesley can go from crazy, loud and in your face to calm and reassuring.  
  • Bonus: My Millionaires Morning Ritual
  • Bonus: Supernatural Wealth Frequencies

On top of these are secure download links to the Bonus Millionaire Meditation and the Bonus Execution Guide...AND a pretty spot on video on How to Become an Alpha Male Fast, for Men Only - of course!

I won't go into details on each of the above audio and video files, but I hope you get the idea!

My Review & Final Verdict!

Wesley Virgin's Overnight Millionaire System is not a "method" to make money online, but more about having the right MINDSET, and getting there fast.  

Going into something with a negative mindset is just setting yourself up for failure.

Sit up right, believe in yourself, KNOW that you can do this stuff - DON'T go into any new business thinking "what if I fail" or "what if it doesn't work" - or even worse "what if I can't do it" - you're setting yourself up to FAIL with those thoughts.  

My Advice, pick up the Overnight Millionaire System now, if you're not happy with it for any reason, you can get a FULL refund with no problem. 

You'll be back to thank me, I promise. 🙂


P.S. Also worth checking out for 2021 are Super Affiliate System,and Commission Hero!

Jeff Lenney

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  • Bonnie says:

    Hi Jeff
    I love your review. I buy wesley virgin course It is really satisfied me. I was worry about my future but wesleys mind hack course really work great. Thanks

  • Ifty says:

    Hello Jeff,

    Hope you are doing well, I will be very straight to the point as the tagline itself shows all the red flags here. There is no such system as an overnight millionaire never ever. This word alone says everything that one does not need to go any further. I respect that you are doing this as an affiliate marketer but this is just wasting other people’s money. Give me one good reason why anyone should invest in this.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Ifty, it’s just a flashy name – the name is talking about the breakthroughs that Wesley had in his business that practically made him a millionaire overnight, that is all. 🙂


  • Lish says:

    Hi Jeff, can you share some more details on the videos included in the 7 millionaire hacks? Like is there 1 video for each and what is the video length? Also is it all just content and not any testimonials, as I don’t want to purchase something simply to hear testimonials like in the promo video…

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Lish, I dont’ have time to go through and check the length of each video/audio – but no testimonials – just pure content 🙂

  • Claudia Talavera says:

    Hi Jeff, I purchased Wesley’s program and I starting to feel is a scam… I haven’t received any instructions on how to access the program and the customer service email listed on the site is not found. This is quite disappointing, can you please help me?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Claudia

      You should have received an email once you purchased – if you didnt – check your spam folder too as it MAY have ended up in there.

      If not – you can find their support email address at this page here: https://www.wesleyvirgin.net/policy

      I hope this helps 🙂


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