Commission Hero Review (Robby Blanchard)

July 5, 2021

Commission Hero Review

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here and thanks for checking out my Commission Hero Review!  If you're wanting to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing I have some good news for you; you're in the right place! 

Now, before I get started with my Commission Hero Review...

I was a bit shocked when I first googled "Commission Hero Review by Robby Blanchard" and didn't find a SINGLE REAL REVIEW ON HIS COURSE!

Seriously, you've probably seen these fake reviews of commission hero yourself!

It's either:

  • Fake Positive Reviews - these Worthless Affiliate marketers have clearly never tried commission hero, and just find what they can online about Robby Blanchard's course, say it's great & make a recommendation for it with their affiliate link and ton of BS bonuses worth $25,000 (LOL)
  • OR
  • Fake Reviewers who say commission hero is horrible or a scam, and recommend their "#1 Recommended Affiliate Course" instead. (You've probably seen both of these, but this one annoys me the most, as this method is usually taught by one particular course known for teaching this to their newbie students).

BUT the big problem with Both of these two commission hero "reviews" is this:


Commission Hero Fake Reviews

I don't see how you can do a "review" of ANY course or program such as commission hero without even trying it, but maybe it's me who's been doing things the wrong way all these years? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Anyway, I hope it's okay with you if I break the cycle and actually TRY commission hero before leaving a review? (Honesty, crazy concept right?) 

So - guess what?!

I Joined Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero, so I can show you!

I've gone through the commission hero training, I've watched the Videos, I've read the conversations in the forums...

BOOM! Take THAT, Worthless  Affiliates!!

Commission Hero Welcome Email

Let's Dig In!

What Is Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard all about?

Commission Hero is an Affiliate Marketing Course by Robby Blanchard, one of the TOP Clickbank Affiliates in the world. (Currently doing about $1,000,000 per MONTH on Clickbank WITHOUT doing product launches all the time).

Robby is doing a massive majority of this via Facebook ads and funnels, like he teaches in commission hero!

I know, for many people the thought of making $1,000 a day, $3,000 a day, or even $5,000 a day sounds impossible...

...some people can't even fathom making $100 a day, let alone those bigger life-changing numbers.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's 100% real, because I am now making those #'s myself as an affiliate marketer every single day, and I had to start somewhere in my journey to make money online with affiliate marketing, just like you!

Commission Hero is a course that teaches you how to build super simple 1-2 page websites (Aka - Funnels) to promote products via VERY simple Facebook Ads, just like the ones you see in your Facebook timeline every single day!

The 3-Step Process for Affiliate Success with Commission Hero

Commission Hero 3 Step Process

While it does take a little while to get the hang of, Commission Hero's affiliate marketing training be broken down into a few simple steps (this is my own take on things, by the way - taking what I learned from them and simplifying it):

Commission Hero Step 1: Pick an Offer to Promote

Commission Hero helsp you find the Best Affiliate Programs

The first thing you'll do with Commission Hero is find the offer you're going to promote.

There are tons of different niches, such as make money online, health, dating etc - but you'll learn more about those in the course.  

While you'll likely start out with an offer on clickbank, due to the huge variety of popular niches - there are other affiliate networks available you can choose to promote offers from.

Commission Hero has detailed training videos on multiple affiliate networks, including Clickbank.

Even with the CoronaVirus going around right now, online business is BOOMING, and some of the more profitable niches are crushing it right now!

Some of the niches I've had success in affiliate marketing with in 2020 alone are: 

  • Make money online, Business Opportunity
  • Survival (hot right now!)
  • Health & Fitness
  • Parenting
  • Gardening
  • DIY (build your own woodshed, make your own home generator, that type of stuff)

There are TONS of other niches out there though, just be creative and use the methods taught in commission hero to find a profitable niche, then a good product to promote within that niche.

Commission Hero Step 2: Build your Landing Page

Commission Hero - How to Build a Landing Page

The next thing you'll want to do once you select the product you're going to promote as an affiliate.  

One of the most basic things you'll learn about are called landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the first page that a visitor sees when they click on an affiliate link. It's the page where you try to convince them to buy the product or service that you're promoting.

There are three main things to keep in mind when creating your landing page:

1.) Give them what you promised.

Make sure they don't get sent away from your page before getting their coupon code or whatever it is you think will make them feel good about buying from you.

2.) Give them an incentive to share with friends and family.

You know that social proof thing we talk about a lot? It's all true, and the more people who like it, the more new customers you're going to get.

3.) Tell them exactly how they'll benefit by using your product or service.

There are a few things that you can do to make your landing page more effective:

  • Use a catchy headline
  • Write a brief description of the product or service
  • Add images of the product or service
  • Add testimonials from happy customers
  • Include a call to action (e.g. "click here to buy now")

The more a visitor on your page feels informed about what they're getting into, the less likely they are to bounce.

In commission hero,  you'll learn the importance of writing good landing page copy, and even some tips & tricks for those who may not be amazing writers, or those who don't speak English as their primary language.

Personally, I'm not an amazing copywriter, but I was able to learn quite a bit about the sales process and mindset to write some short but powerful copy.

You'll also learn the importance of a good IMAGE for your landing page(s) as well as your Facebook Ads.  

My #1 Tip: Copywriting is THE #1 absolute best skill you can have to make money online, DON'T just limit yourself to what you learn about writing killer copy.

Here are a few of my FAVORITE copywriting resources, save these and read through them later:


  • DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF OR YOUR EDUCATION! You're not going to learn EVERYTHING from one source, ALWAYS. BE. LEARNING!
  • The 3 resources above can help you CRUSH it in your online business, and create not only killer landing pages, but give you some GREAT ideas for your Facebook ads as well!

Commission Hero Step 3: Build your Facebook Ads

Commission Hero FB Ad Training

Step 3 in the commission hero course (and you can do this ALL by the way in just a couple of hours) is creating your Facebook ads.  

If you've made it this far in Commission Hero, congratulations!

Believe it or not, only a very small percentage of people that join online courses (regardless of the price) ever take action and get started!

The ENTIRE commission hero process up until now (finding an offer, building a landing page) can be done in just a few hours for your first time, and EASILY in 30 minutes or less once you get the hang of doing it).

For your Facebook ads, MY personal recommendation is to test both short and long copy, as well as 3-5 images to find the best combination of what gets the cheapest clicks & best conversions.  

The images you use are VERY important for the success of your facebook ads, as you'll learn, as they're what get people to stop scrolling, and look at your ad.  You want your entire ad to STOP people in their tracks, grab their attention, and click on your ad/offer/landing page.

Needless to say, your images and ad text need to be relevant to the offer and audience viewing them, if your facebook ads don't resonate well with your audience, they're likely not going to take a look at your ad, let alone click on it or engage with it.

You'll learn in commission hero (with the ad tracking spreadsheet) how to pinpoint EXACTLY what image, ad text, and targeted interest made the sale for you - which makes it super easy to remove what doesn't work, and scale up on stuff that does!

Does Commission Hero REALLY Work?

Does Commission Hero Really Work?

Before you ask - YES what you'll learn in the Commission Hero affiliate marketing course really does work, and NO you don't have to be a mega online marketing or affiliate marketing genius to pull this off & be a successful affiliate marketer.

I myself am a JUNIOR College Dropout, and I have managed to make affiliate marketing work quite well for myself, and create my own 7-Figure Online Business! πŸ™‚

Just this past 30 days, I've made money with my own funnels in niches such as; survival, DIY, Baby Sleep Training, Teaching Kids to Read, Type 2 Diabetes, make money online, and more...

I still remember my FIRST EVER AFFILIATE SALE (way before Commission Hero, or Facebook)

It was in 2010, I earned $25.00 from a program I was promoting called Replay Media Catcher.  

While it's not a lot of money, that ONE sale proved to me that "I can do this!"

It proved to me that making money online is a real thing, and was all I needed to go into overdrive and not stop until I found the success I was looking for.

I also Remember:

  • I still remember my first $100 day
  • My first $500 day
  • My first $1,000 day

And even the details of what I was promoting, and how I achieved those milestones

I also remember my first time making over $10,000 in one DAY...

it's honestly NOT that hard once you understand offers, finding the right audience, and how to build and scale your traffic.  

(This was 2015, the year I treated myself to the luxury watch I've wanted for a long time, the Brietling Navitimer!) I grew up flying in small planes (cessnas) with my dad, so aviation is something I've been around since before I was born you could say!

That said, I paid $6,000 for the watch in July 2015, and I'll keep it forever as it's a milestone marker and it means a lot to me.  (If you want more pictures, look me up on Instagram) 😎

My Brietling Navitimer World, 2015 (Sharing this in my Commission Hero review)

... anyway, while those milestones are great, that one $25.00 affiliate marketing commission from Replay Media Catcher is what made it all possible for me, because it proved to me that I had what it took to be successful online!

I KNOW you can do it too, it just takes dedication. Don't give up or quit if things aren't looking up, I've failed more times than I can count, but here I am. 😎

Why should you listen to me & trust my commission hero review?

Well, for starters... I'm a full-time affiliate marketer, as well as a top 1% affiliate for Clickbank!  

The image to the right is me with my Clickbank Platinum Award for Clickbank, for 2019, 2020 & 2021 (image coming soon). This means that I'm a top 1% affiliate of theirs, so I like to think I MAYBE know what I'm talking about ...

I don't say this to be arrogant, just to show you that claims made in this post by me are rooted in truth and my own experiences online. 

Jeff Lenney, Clickbank Platinum
Jeff Lenney, CLickbank Platinum, 2020
A little more about me: I live in Orange County, California, with my wife, our 2 kids, our Corgi and our 2 Cats! 

I've been doing affiliate marketing full time for a while now, and don't remember the last time I got dressed to go into an office that wasn't my own!

Jeff & Family, 2021

That being said, let's take a look inside Commission Hero, by Robby Blanchard

The Commission Hero Members Area

Commission Hero Members Area

The Commission Hero Members area looks great, and is laid out in a very easy to follow along way.  

The main modules of the Commission Hero course are listed on the left side bar, and the commission hero training videos are broken up into nice 'easy to follow' chunks, so you're not stuck watching one video for 2 hours and 37 minutes.

On top of this, the members area looks professional, and really gives a premium feel when you log in to view your training for the first time.  

The training in commission hero is broken up into 5 main sections:

Module 1.) Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

This is where you'll begin your commission hero journey into affiliate marketing, make sure to watch this video and download the Launch Checklist on the first page to get started on the right foot! It will help set up your expectations, and does a pretty good job at motivating you as well!

a. Getting Started

This section of commission hero covers ALL of the essential things you'll need to get started, including the basics of affiliate marketing, ad accounts, clickfunnels, and different ad networks such as Clickbank & MaxWeb.  

  1. Start Here – Welcome
  2. What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  3. Ad Accounts
  4. Clickfunnels
  5. Clickbank
  6. Max Web

b. Choosing The Right Offers to promote as an Affiliate

Next, your commission hero training goes into some VERY detailed training on how to find the RIGHT OFFERS to promote on various affiliate networks.  

It's VERY important to promote the RIGHT offers in order to maximize your profits, so make sure you pay close attention to this section of the commission hero training!

  1. Finding The Right Offers on Clickbank
  2. Finding The Right Offers on MaxWeb
  3. Finding The Right Offers on A4D

c. Finding Your Facebook Ad Image

Next up, this section goes into finding/creating the right IMAGES for your facebook ads - believe it or not, the IMAGE for your ad is equally (if not more) important than the ad copy itself.  

As I mentioned before, there's a lot of psychology behind this, and the commission hero training explains it in a pretty straight forward manner!

  1. What An Image Should Contain
  2. Finding The Right Designer On Fiverr

d. Setting Up A Landing Page

The next portion of Commission Hero teaches you landing page creation, and how to set them up the RIGHT way from the very beginning!  

You'll learn how to Register For clickfunnels, set up affiliate links, your domain and your landing page in a 'over-the-shoulder' manner that I found VERY easy to follow along with!

  1. Register For Clickfunnels
  2. Setting Up Your Affiliate Links
  3. Setting Up Your Domain
  4. Setting Up Your PHP Landing Page

By the way, Having a clickfunnels account is NOT required top succeed with commission hero, you can use any page builder you like, or even build html/php landing pages!  

That being said though, not only does Clickfunnels provide amazing FREE training for affiliates of all levels, but you can promote clickfunnels for a cool 40% commission, AND you get paid on their back end offers and up-sells as well!

Module 2.) FB Set Up

Check out the above video for just a TASTE of what Robby Blanchard will be teaching!

This section of commission hero goes into setting up Facebook for business, your Facebook Fan Page, setting up your campaigns and ad-sets, creating custom audiences and even looking inside at a very successful campaign for inspiration and ideas.

Commission Hero also shows you how to quickly set up your Facebook pixel for tracking conversions, and how to set it up within Clickbank for even more accurate tracking details!

Here is a sneak peak at the lessons in this section of Commission Hero:

  • 1.) Setting Up Facebook
  • Setting Up Business Manager
  • Launching Your First Campaign
  • Setting Up Your Fan Page
  • Setting Up Facebook Campaign and Adset
  • Setting Up Your Ads
  • Creating A Custom Audience
  • BONUS – Inside Look At A Successful Campaign
  • 2.)_Setting Up Facebook Pixel
  • How To Install Your Facebook Pixel
  • Placing Your Facebook Pixel In Your Clickbank Account
  • Understanding Your Pixel Analytics

Being that Facebook is where ALL of your traffic will be coming from, it's very important to not only pay close attention to this portion of training, but takes notes as well!

I've taken notes on each section with Windows 10 Sticky Notes - they're saved on my desktop, and I can pull them up quickly for reference anytime I need them.  

The Bonus training showing inside a successful campaign is VERY eye opening (image below), and SHOWS you what is possible when you implement what you learn with your commission hero training!

Commission Hero FB Ad Strategy Video

Module 3.) Tracking & Scaling your Results

As the section says, this training in commission hero goes into tracking your campaigns, and includes tracking spreadsheets, detailed training on setting up tracking links, and scaling your campaigns to bring in bigger $$ once they start converting!

The training in commission hero is broken down like this:

  1. Tracking Your Campaign
    1. Tracking Spreadsheet
    2. How To Install Tracking Links
    3. Using Tracking IDs
  2. Scaling
    1. Scaling Your Commission Hero Campaigns
    2. Tracking is the pinnacle of a successful campaign, and not boring or hard in the slightest!
    3. Scaling is equally important and how you go from $100 a day to $1,000 a day, and more!

It's a bit of a rush, like gambling in a casino! And don't worry, you WON'T be scaling unitl you find a winning campaign first!

On another note, the included tracking spreadsheet even auto calculates your ROI & much more, and has become something I keep open on my PC 24/7!

Module 4.) Resources & Tools

Commission Hero Million Dollar Landing Pages

This section of the commission hero course is one of my favorites, as it has a lot of their "done-for-you" things, such as Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes, Ad Copy & Ad Images.  

It also goes into MINDSET which is something many people tend to ignore or forget about when starting a new online business.  

My PERSONAL favorite portion of this is the training on IMAGES, as those are what get the attention and ultimately drive the click to your offer.

Also featured is a "Featured Offers" section, recommending some high-converting products that are easily making $5k a day or more, using the above mentioned swipes, ad copy and images.

Module 5.) Additional Training for your Online Business

This is another favorite section of mine in commission hero, as it goes into some things that most products don't.  

It has 3 sections: Ninja Tactics, Snap Chat Training, and Email Marketing Training.

  • The Ninja Tactics section covers things like Reaching Out To Affiliates, Spying on Facebook Ads, Dealing With Account Shut Downs (which I promise, is no big deal and easy to fix), and even which Credit Card to maximize points/miles on your ad spend! 
  • The Snap Chat training is not something I would usually look at, as I feel too old LOL - but I'm glad I did.  It goes into the Snap Chat demographics, and how to set up Snapchat Ads to run to them!  Sneaky stuff, and VERY under-utilized (for now) by affiliate marketers.
  • The Email Marketing training is a nice bonus as well, and it teaches you the basics of how this is done, and how you can use it to increase your customer value significantly.

That's the basics of the training, but beyond that you're also given the option (though not at all required) to Join Robby's Inner Circle coaching course, or get DIY Images or Facebook  Campaigns, and even access the 2019 live event recording.  

Honestly ALL of these are probably worth it, as 1 single image can cost you $20 easily (or take 30 minutes to create yourself).  The time saved is invaluable, in my opinion, but again - NOT required to have success with commission hero!

Commission Hero Review, is Robby MY Hero? 

If you've come this far in my commission hero review, thank you!

You obviously know by now that it's going to take you time and effort to go through the commission hero training, and actually put it into action - but if you do, and you don't quit after your first failed campaign (or three) there's definitely real money to be made using what Robby Teaches in this affiliate course.

(Check out the Video Below for a full 20 minute Commission Hero Members Area Tour!)

Here's the thing, this type of business takes a little bit of time to learn . Once you understand it, however, it's really just a system that works every time if you actually follow it to the letter, test properly, and scale once you have winning campaigns.

After completing the training, I was actually able to get a profitable campaign with a survival product on Clickbank, and with $50.00 ad spend, I earned $175.00 by day #3!

Now, naturally - as with any affiliate marketing course, there are going to be both Pros & Cons, let me get into what I like, and don't like about Commission Hero, by Robby Blanchard.

  • Pros

  • cons

Commission Hero Pros

  • Robby Blanchard is one of the top Clickbank Affiliates, a credible teacher, and does NOT rely on launching products multiple times a year for his income.  If you took Commission Hero away, he'd still be a top affiliate with Clickbank.
  • The Facebook Group is AMAZING, updated all the time, and probably worth the cost of the course alone.  (Below is an email I received from a member that purchased Commission Hero from me in order to get my epic bonus, click to view it larger!)
 Man, looking through so much of the course, you literally weren't kidding!! It's insane how even the Facebook group is worth the money alone.
  • This is a legitimate way to not only build a "side hustle", but replace your day job significantly.  Remember, Commission Hero is NOT a 'get rich quick' program, you're going to need to put time & work into it if you want to succeed.
  • The Live Training is frequent, and very thorough.
  • It's easy to get your questions answered in the Facebook group, on the live training sessions, or by sending in an email request!

My advice, pick it up now and get yourself the skills to really make it with your online business.  Making money online is now more needed than ever, as you likely know - and this is one of the better (and legit) ways of doing it.  

I would also suggest going into this with the proper mindset for success.  

If you just tell yourself "oh I don't know if I can do this", or "i don't think I can do this", or even "what if I fail?" - you're going to be setting yourself up to fail from the beginning, as you're already convincing yourself that you're not going to succeed.

On the other hand, if you go into this (or any business) KNOWING that you're going to give it your all, accept and learn from your failures, and stick with it until you make it work, then're going to do just that.  😎

All that being said, if you have any questions at all - please - don't be shy - let me know!

OH - one more thing - if you found my review useful, i'd certainly appreciate you using my referral link (below) to make your purchase, but just in case you're not TOTALLY sold yet, I put together a few bonuses to make the already awesome offer even MORE irresistible. 

My UNBEATABLE Commission Hero Bonus!

You know, I could be like everybody else out there right now and offer you a crazy $50,000 worth of bonuses!

(Hint: These are all either PLR they obtained for free, OR full stolen products by other product vendors that they're giving away illegally.)

But....I don't swing that way - I thought about it long and hard (not really) and figured....why not give you something that can actually HELP YOU MAKE MONEY!

Crazy Concept Right? 

I'm offering something of VALUE that will actually HELP YOU IN YOUR BUSINESS! πŸ™‚

OKAY - Enough of my crazy ramblings, here's what I gotz!

#1 – I’ll Help Ya on your Journey! ($5,000 Value)

Ill happily review your campaign, and send a custom video showing you what I would do if it were my own.  

  • I’ll tell you EVERYTHING I would change, regardless of how much work that may cause for you.
  • If you're STILL stuck after my video, we can hop on a 30-60 minute skype call, no problem.
  • On top of this – you can EMAIL ME any questions you have directly for the first 60 days, and I’ll be more than happy to give you any guidance I can!
  • I am a super affiliate and am also a former coach for some of the best Internet Marketers in the industry ( Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim,  Dori Friend, and a few others).
  • I’m a fun guy – you’ll learn a lot and get helped by one of the best in the industry (me!)

#2 – My Top 10 FAVORITE Niche Research Tools

Everybody knows about Clickbank already, shoot - I'm a Clickbank Platinum Affiliate for 2019 and 2020, which means i'm a top 1% affiliate.  

BUT - most people don't realize there are TONS of Profitable Niches And Affiliate Programs OUTSIDE of Clickbank, and I've made well into 7 Figures with THOSE these past couple of years.

If you want a list of some of my favorites, feel free to click on the links above to read my blog post on each topic - BUT - what I'm offering here is something different, how to find these yourself!

"Get Instant Access To My Top 10 Niche Research Tools Instantly"

I'll share how to:

  • Find Hot Niche Markets
  • Spy on your Competition (just not me! LOL)
  • Tools For Finding Keywords

#3 – How to Become a Niche Authority

For Bonus #3, I want to share with you my ULTIMATE Guide to Finding your niche and DOMINATING it.

This 65 Page Guide is ZERO Fluff and Full of ACTIONABLE Things You can start with right away.  It's also a expansion of Bonus #2, and takes things many many steps further!

My Final Thoughts on Commission Hero

I'll be honest, these three bonuses above are really the only thing I think I can offer that will add VALUE to Commission Hero.

I truly don't think I can teach you anything else - BUT I can help you and make sure you're doing it better.

Sure I could offer you an iPad, or $50,000 Worth of poor quality "Bonus" PLR Content like some of those Scammy "Review" Sites You see.  I could even offer video training on something completely un-related to commission hero, but I don't want to insult you.

Instead, you get some 1-on-1 time with me, one of the best Affiliate Marketers in the industry - AND some top quality training on not only niche research, but the tools you need to get started quickly!

P.S. Also worth checking out for 2024 is eFORMULA 

About the author 

Jeff Lenney

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I'm Jeff Lenney, your navigator through the exciting seas of Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and ECommerce. My journey started back in 2009, and since then, it's been a whirlwind of success and fun in the digital world.

Before I dove headfirst into the vast ocean of affiliate marketing, I honed my SEO skills with some of the biggest agencies in sunny Southern California. I've been the SEO compass for 7-9 figure giants like Agora Financial, Investor Place, and Timothy Sykes, guiding them through the complex currents of online visibility.

But wait, there's more! I've also worked quite extensively with affiliate marketing legends like Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, Aidan Booth, Dori Friend & others. Did I mention I was Anik's head coach from 2012 to 2015? Yeah, I've been around the block a few times!

My expertise isn't just confined to the boardroom. I've shared my knowledge and experiences on numerous podcasts, shedding light on the intricate dance of affiliate SEO.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro looking to catch the next big wave or just dipping your toes into the digital marketing ocean, I've got a treasure trove of insights for you. Stick around for fun tales, savvy strategies, and maybe a few laughs as we debunk myths and explore the latest trends in the world of online marketing. 

Dive into my posts and let's make some waves together! βœ‹ My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert with over 10 years experience. I like to talk about marketing, SEO & ECommerce, so read my other posts here: Jeff Lenney's Articles

  • Paul Hoff says:

    Hi Jeff, Great review!

    I’m looking to get back into an online business. I began my journey years ago and got my first Clickbank cheque for $125 in 2007, then I got S.O.S. and so began my descent, learning PPC SEO etc etc, I did get a job as a web marketing manager but then they sold the company and everyone lost their jobs, and so here I am now, 55 years old with no online business to show for it, money spent down the drain, and now these courses all cost around a $1000, I guess this is the same?

    Any advice appreciated, I run my own successful gardening business but physically things are starting to hurt, knees, hips, hands so I really need to come back online, I do have space on credit cards but need to be sensible, like I said any help or advice appreciated.


    • Hey Paul!

      Thanks for reaching out! Facebook is an AMAZING way to make a crap ton of money online, honestly! The BIGGEST issue is, FB ad accts do get banned left and right, and sometimes (honestly) for no reason at all. It’s easy to get them back a lot, but the best thing to do is have multiple accts – which the CH training does cover well as well.

      That being said, as long as you dont’ mind a bit of hard work, and some boring stuff with finding and testing different ad copy, creative, and audiences – CH is great!

      Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions


  • Hey Jeff, I’m new to Affiliate Marketing but know how it works. I’m a college student, making over $1000 a month in my part-time job. I have over $5000 to give towards expenses for Commission Hero (i.e. ad money, click funnels, clickmagick, etc.) and I’m willing to spend 2-3 hours a day learning the material. Would this course work for me?

    • Hey Dan

      SOrry, I thought I responded already! $5k is def great to start, you can start with a low ad budget too ($20 a day is great), then scale up the winning ads, and remove/delete the ones that aren’t profitable! πŸ™‚


  • Hey Jeff

    Was really inspired by your review and decided to buy the course! πŸ™‚ Hope to hear from you soon so we can chat!

    • Awesome, thanks Sara!

      Email me (contact link above in the menu) your CB receipt # so I can send you the bonuses! πŸ™‚


      • Hey I have tried to email you with no reply. Have you not received my messages?

        • Hey Sara!

          I responded to each one, check your spam folder maybe? Last one was 9 days ago I believe.

          Thanks! πŸ™‚


  • Hey jeff,
    I’m seriously considering trying this out and was wondering how long after purchase can I expect to hear from you.
    Thanks for the review.

    • Hey Chad!

      Purchase it, email me – i’ll hit you back up within 12-24 hours πŸ™‚


  • lol, this guy complains about other people giving bonus.
    Literally end of the bonus:
    ($5,000 VALUE BONUS)
    Sure your tips are 5000$ worth. Lol scam review

    • Hey, Jeremy!

      I’ve been doing this whole “online thing” for quite some time now, and I’ve found that the majority of product reviews online NEVER try the product, they just base their fake reviews off of the sales page and what information they can find from other reviews online. Unfortunately, when you have 10s or even 100s of people doing the same thing – it’s pretty easy for false information from these fake reviews to spread pretty quickly.

      Anyway, once the fake reviewer completes their “review”, they typically offer a ton of poorly written and outdated PLR content as bonuses β€œworth $50,000”, and hope they can convince somebody to buy the product via their link.

      Then you have the other guys, the Worthless Affiliates – they just call everything a scam, and recommend their “#1 Recommended Program to Make Money Online” (even if the product they’re calling a scam is superior).

      Which one are you, “Jeremy”? Looks like I upset you, so you’re clearly one of these two… I’d love to find out which! 😊

      Now, here’s why I feel my bonus is worth (more than) $5,000:

      Unlike every other “Review” out there, not only did I go through the Commission Hero Training completely, but I’m actually earning 4-5 figures per day online, using many of the methods Robby teaches.

      I’d say if I could help somebody go from Zero to $100 or $1,000 a day with my advice, my help is probably worth a lot more than just the $5,000 value I put on it, In all fairness, I’m just being modest with that figure though. πŸ™‚

      By the way, why are you using a fake name and email address? Hiding your identity because you’re afraid I’ll call you out for being one of the above? πŸ˜‰

      Haben Sie einen guten Tag! 🍻


  • Hi Jeff,

    Thank You for a very informative review. I really liked it. Hoping to get more analysis from you.

  • Hey Jeff, I agree 100% with what you said about the crappy way a lot of marketers do things. I am a newbie but I have a lot of knowledge of affiliate marketing from the research I’ve done – just havent implemented anything yet… I really like what I’m seeing with Commission Hero, its just a big investment right now and I’ve lost money in other things. I really cant afford for that to happen again. I appreciate your honest review.

    • Hey sorry Lauren, review is up – just putting the FINISHING touches on it now! πŸ™‚


  • Hello Jeff, hope all is well with you and the family. Thank you always for what you do for your customers and truly being honest and helping all of us out. Just wanted to know how the review for Commission Hero is coming along. Thanks again and have a great day.

    • Hey sorry, Pancho, the review is up – just putting the FINISHING touches on it now! πŸ™‚


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