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April 28, 2021

WordAgents Review  (Content Writing Service)

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here with my review of WordAgents (the content writing service).  

I've been expanding many of my blogs lately to get around the content penalties affiliate websites often see, and in many cases adding 20k words in just a week.

In doing this, I've been using and testing out quite a few different content & writing services, and WordAgents was one of them.  

Let’s face it—content marketing is a big deal these days. It’s become a crucial part of every business’s marketing strategy.

It’s truly challenging trying to micromanage a team of freelance writers. You’re likely to end up hiring writers that don’t know a thing about SEO.

Plus, there are missed deadlines, and always the chance writers will ghost you.

The solution? Work with a writing agency like WordAgents. WordAgents features a team of dedicated content writers well-versed in SEO best practices.

Their team works directly with their clients to produce content to your specifications that rank well in search engines.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best content writing services, WordAgents is worth adding to your shortlist. But before you do, let’s take a closer look at how the service works and what it has to offer.

How WordAgents Works

WordAgents is a premium content agency that produces blog posts, website copy, product descriptions, and other content.

They have over 200 content writers on staff, all native English speakers living in the United States.

However, what really stands out about WordAgents is how they work with their clients. The entire team is very hands-on throughout the whole process.

WordAgents can turn around most content within seven days, and you get two revisions upon request.

Instead of acting as a mediating website like Fivver or Upwork that connects you with freelance writers but little else, WordAgents manages their own team of writers. In doing this, they take care of the management side of things, and all you have to do is work with your assigned project manager.

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Submission Process (Yes, I've Used Them)

WordAgents Discount

The submission process at WordAgents is also different from other content writing services like TextBroker and iWriter in that instead of automating the service, you actually get to speak with a real person.

In this way, WordAgents is more like a consulting firm, but one available to sites of all sizes (not just corporate giants), including small independent ones.

To begin, you select the type of content you want on the WordAgents website and then choose a package. Once you’ve selected a package, you’ll be contacted and asked to provide information on the articles you’d like the team to write.

The information you provide can be as specific or as vague as you like:

  • For example, if you prefer to outline every article with particular headings, subheadings, and a list of keywords, you can.
  • On the other hand, if you’d rather leave it to the professionals to craft your content, all you need to provide is a list of titles or subjects.

Then, the WordAgents team can research primary keywords and take it from there.

The bottom line is, your orders are customized to your needs. Everything else, including all management tasks, is handled by WordAgents from start to finish.

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How WordAgents Produces Content

Wordagents Ordering

As I previously mentioned, WordAgents offer a turnaround time of seven days on most content, which is quite fast for this type of service. Nevertheless, they have the ability to scale and the resources to handle large volumes of content.

Once your order has been placed, it will be organized and assigned to writers. Each writer will take the information you have provided about the piece they are writing and create the content using SEO best practices, including keyword placement, formatting and structure, internal and external links, and a meta description if requested.

WordAgents writers know how to balance SEO with quality written content. They will take your keywords and integrate them seamlessly into the content so that they are strategically placed and organic.

After that, the team proofreads your content and checks to ensure it is free of false facts and plagiarism. If you’re happy with the content, it’s yours to do with as you wish, but you can also request up to two rounds of revisions delivered within three business days.

WordAgents’ Features, Pros, Cons, and Pricing

WordAgents is a full-service agency focused on producing quality content for their clients. They offer many different types of content, including blog posts, webpage copy, product descriptions, and more.

What’s more, they offer hands-on service and work with their writers to ensure their clients are 100% happy with their content. WordAgents writers are experienced content creators trained to be SEO experts.

  • All WordAgents writers are native English speakers based out of the United States. They are trained to be SEO experts, so you can ensure your content will rank highly in search engines. Content is also of a high and consistent quality, which freelancer platforms and other services can’t guarantee.
  • You have direct contact with a project manager. Other services generate content through an automated process, or you’ll have to manage a team of freelancers. It’s excellent having someone else to manage writers, editors, and content quality, leaving you open to focus on how best to implement your content marketing strategy.
  • An editing service is included, with up to two revisions. This level of service is rare among content writing agencies and helps to ensure that you’re happy with the content.
  • WordAgent’s combination of quality, service, and scalability is excellent. While it may take a bit of time to get in the groove with your project manager, it’s effortless to get a continual flow of the content you need once you do.
  • They have a turnaround time of seven days. So, if you need content fast, WordAgents is an excellent choice.
  • WordAgents has the staff and experience to handle large and customized orders. They can tackle content that is more complex and personalized than many content writing services that use an automated backend. This has mostly to do with the level of collaboration WordAgents offers; it feels more like part of your marketing team than working with an outside agency.
  • For top-notch customer service, WordAgents has your back. They are genuinely interested in creating productive and lasting relationships with their clients. If you’re good to WordAgents, they will be good to you.
  • They're Not Cheap.  WordAgents is somewhat more expensive than some of their competitors. To guarantee high-quality content, they need to charge more. However, while you may find less expensive options out there, keep in mind that WordAgents fees are far from the highest out there.
  • If WordAgents feels you are an unreasonable client, they may choose not to work with you. The company is small and profitable and doesn’t have to keep overly difficult clients. To avoid this, be flexible and keep the lines of communication open and clear.
  • You’ll need to put some thought into your briefs. When you look at most of the negative reviews for WordAgents, most of them complain about the poor content they received either because they submitted vague instructions while having certain expectations or overly complicated briefs. With WordAgents, you have to tell them what you want and communicate your expectations clearly.


WordAgents pricing varies depending on the number of words you order. For small 1000-word orders, you may pay $0.12 per word, but the price decreases significantly as the size of your order increases. For instance, a 20,000-word order comes out to only $0.06 per word.

Although there are alternatives for less, WordAgents is definitely not the most expensive out there.

You may pay a bit more than Iwriter (who I love and use) and other similar services, but the quality you get from WordAgents is far higher since you’re getting US-based writers trained to produce SEO content.  

It's GREAT for money pages and posts you want to know will convert well.

Final Thoughts

WordAgents is an ideal content writing service if you’re looking for guaranteed quality and consistency.

Their writers know what they’re doing and have the rare quality of writing high-quality content and effectively implementing SEO techniques.

However, WordAgents is a bit more expensive than some content services, so you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons.

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