How to Make Money with Drones

How to Put Your Drone to Work for You and Start Making Money Fast

Ever wonder how you could have a home based business to supplement those much overdue days at the bar and perhaps some new clothes from this century?

How to Make Money with Drones

Then look no further as I have the answer for you. The newest and greatest home based businesses are using drones! There are many ways to use a drone to make money other than illegal trafficking, with aerial surveying being a great start if you can pilot a drone.

Whether you have camera skills taking aerial photos or you are an elite top rated high flying barrel rolling daredevil you can get paid high dollars in this exciting fast growing field.


Check out this cool video that talks about many of the different ways you can make money with your drone


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Now – for some more ideas

Web-Based Video Show

For those of us who are lacking the skills of fine aviation, there are alternative methods such as hosting a web-based video show outlining the talented and skillful things you can do with your drone, or perhaps showing the aerial footage that you will be able to capture while flying.


Become 007

Ever wanted to be a spy? Quiet don’t tell a soul but now you can by utilizing your drone for competitive intelligence through aerial photo and video reconnaissance. They even say the insurance companies have a fleet of these bad boys.


Did Someone Say Drone Delivery?

Depending on where you live, you could also utilize your drone for delivering time-sensitive packages or other content (legalities in mind of course) to make some extra cash. Don’t get too excited though, officials in some places like the state of Wisconsin in the United States have outlawed the delivery of alcoholic beverages via drone delivery.


Videography and Photography

Another lucrative field using your drone is photography and videography. Drones have been utilized in photographing /video graphing weddings, sports events, advertising, real estate and much more.
You could also offer your services and drone skills to your local law enforcement agencies to assist with search and rescues. This opportunity offers a very serious side to the money making possibilities with your drone.

You can help locate missing people, survey disaster areas and having the skill to fly these small lightweight crafts can let you soar.
There are also networks of drone pilots that you can join to obtain work mapping with your drone and sensors. One example of these types of networks is the Skycatch Workmode network.


The $$$

As you can see you can use a drone to make money with many types of flying skills and those skills are in sky high demand!

Pilots can make upwards of 100k a year or better with the correct piloting capabilities. I don’t know about you but there are many things I could do with 100k and not just one time but every year.

With all of the above being said, I would advise that you practice caution and thoroughly research the laws in your area before proceeding out into the skies.

Safety is first, do not drink and fly. Always have a designated co-pilot (or at least another video camera handy)! So get out there and start flying your way to success using your drone to capitalize on this new and powerful market.

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