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Jeff Lenney, a man of many talents

Jeff is an affiliate marketer and SEO specialist who lives in Orange County CA with his wife and two children.

He has worked for some of the biggest names in the online industry, including MMO & Financial Gurus.

From building websites to running Facebook ads, he does it all!

When he’s not working, he can usually be found lounging at home with his wife and kids- watching TV, playing video games, or just being lazy on the couch!

Jeff Lenney

  • Damásio says:

    Dear Jeff,
    First of all, Thank You very much for sharing me valuable information to help me to develop my online business. There are so many challenges and sometimes I dont Know what to do…
    Iam not inboxers yet, because me and my partner, we have been face so much problem with the language, the economy in my country is going so bad. Sometimes we dont have money even to eat because we invest because we invest badly…
    so we really need your help… And We are begging you please….
    If you remember, Iam the guy, who even dont Know how to work with website, but we are learning by our ourselves.
    One important Questions:
    Can you coach us during one week?
    Best regards,
    Damation and Pascoal

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      HI Damation and Pascoal

      I’m sorry, I currently am not offering any coaching paid or free. I’m contemplating opening up a $5k per month training program but am busy working on a few other projects at the moment.

      Best of luck though – your written english is fine – so stick with it! 🙂


  • Chanette says:

    Hi Jeff, If I sign up for Profit Academy through your backlink, will I still get Aniks tutoring/live coaching. email coaching and all the extras outlined from his training workshops?


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Chanette

      Yes absolutely – and for any webinars you’ve missed (it did start 2 weeks ago) there are already recordings up! 🙂

  • Kenneth D. Barrett says:

    What recommendations do you have for FOREX trading and Binary Trading??
    I linked to you from Anik Singal’s site but I was not able to get the “pushbuttonseo” download.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Kenneth, do you mean TRAINING or TRADING platforms?

      Thanks and sorry for the delayed response – just got around to reviewing comments now 🙂


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