On Page SEO Checklist – Top 10 Things You NEED to be doing

August 18, 2017

My On-Page SEO Checklist

Hey guys – Jeff Lenney here (obviously, being that you’re on JeffLenney.com I’d think it’s rather obvious – but still I do so many webinars I feel the need to introduce myself anyways!)

Anyways, when it comes to on-page SEO there are 10 VERY important things that you SHOULD be doing that you’re most likely not.

If you want to rank on Google or other search engines you NEED to be doing these things, and they WILL give you an advantage over your competitors who aren’t!

I’ll keep this simple and get straight to them!

On Page SEO Check-list

The top 10 things you NEED to be doing for quality On-Page SEO:

  • Include your keyword in your URL. Now, I don’t mean YourKeyword.com – but rather YourWebsite.com/your-keyword/.  In order to do this, make set permalinks (assuming you’re using wordpress) to match your post title instead of the default YourWebsite.com/p=123
  • Include your keyword in your Title Tag
  • Include your keyword in your H1 Tag
  • Include your keyword in your Meta Description – or at least a variation of it
  • Include your keyword in the first sentence or paragraph of your content
  • Be sure to include both internal links to other posts on your website.
  • Link EXTERNALLY to outside authoritative websites
  • Include a SEO optimized Image: It should be named your-keyword.jpg
  • Add an image alt tag that also matches your keyword
  • Use a few H2 or h3 tag’s to break up the content, but keep it relevant!
  • Bonus – the more content you write the better!

Want a more in depth explanation? Check out my youtube Video Below!

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