Regal Assets Review – A 2020 Look at this Trendsetter

Regal Assets Review

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Regal Assets – Can You Trust Them?

Regal Assets claim to fame, so to speak is the fact that they are one of the very companies in the US to offer cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in an IRA/401k plan at the lowest prices. You also have access to 24/7 crypto trading which is insured by none other than Lloyd's of London.

Since they are presumably other companies that offer something similar, why have I chosen to review Regal Assets and not them?

The skinny on the service is that you can make some real money, and unlike a multitude of other services they can be trusted.

The more elaborate answer to your question is in the review below.

What is Regal Assets All About?

Regal Assets is an established name in the gold investment industry, headed by CEO Tyler Gallagher; the company helps people mostly pensioners secure their savings through gold-backed IRA programs

Regal Assets IRS Loophole

However, the company has grown to include cryptocurrency backed IRA programs in addition to more traditional metals like palladium silver and platinum.

The company has no shortage of endorsements from the likes of celebrities like Laura Ingraham, Alan Colmes, to name a few.

Back in 2013, Regal Assets was featured in the 20th spot of Inc. Magazine’s 500 List, a list of the top 500 fastest-growing private companies in America. Additionally, the company was featured in Forbes, Reuters, SmartMoney, Hollywood Reporter, and Market Watch.

Now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way, let’s get down to the interesting bit of this review, i.e., how can the company help you make money?

Investment Packages

Regal Assets currently offers two distinct types of personal investment packages:

  • The first is their $5,000 Merchant Package aimed at individuals who want gold/silver backed investment, which they can easily liquidate when required.
  • The other is the “$10,000 Knighthood package” for people who are seeking financial coverage for their entire family.

Professional Investors or those who want to put in a bit more money for a higher return, Regal Assets offers four different packages, i.e.:

  • The $25k Legacy Portfolio - This portfolio is designed with metals and cryptos that have an opportunity for immediate profit potential.
  • The other is the $50k Kingship Portfolio, which is designed to help keep clients protected from rampant inflation.
  • The $100k Dynasty Portfolio is designed to support an individual’s retirement plan. This package custom designed by regal's specialists will offer the best return, stability against inflation, and protection against economic uncertainty
  • Then you have the $250k Coronation Portfolio aimed at high net worth individuals who want a package that helps them build wealth over a period of several years.
Regal Assets

What I Like About Regal Assets?

When I’m looking at a financial service, it needs to tick a couple of boxes.

After all, I, like you are putting my hard earned money into it.

Not to mention the fact that I’d hate to have some globalist leaning policies decide how my money is invested after all our investment should be geared towards the highest ROI!

What that means is people who have used the service have had a great experience, i.e. they have made money!

Regal Assets has numerous Trust Link Reviews, I haven’t read all those reviews, but at least the first two dozen are positive. 

Regal Assets BBB A+ Rating

Plus, the 24/7 crypto trading facility and the fact that they will soon be moving from Volt to Coinbase for cryptocurrency transactions means that they have an open mind to diversify.

Anyone who invests in gold and silver knows how much the market is manipulated, so throwing crypto into the mix helps take big government out of it.

Below are a couple of other reasons why I think Regal Assets offers investors a great deal:

No Hidden or Variable Fee Structure:

A flat fee of $250 applies to all retirement accounts regardless of its value. Regal Assets waives administrative, delivery, storage, and all other fees for precious metal accounts for the first year.

Investors are only charged starting from the second year. So investors who are just starting out don’t have to worry about paying a huge chunk in the way of fees without even having started making anything.

The Use of Segregated Storage:

Now, unlike many other financial services that offer gold investment opportunities.

Regal Assets uses what’s called segregated storage for clients. What this means is that if you buy bullion, coins, or bars, those assets are stored in a separate storage space instead of being mixed together with the gold and silver of other investors.

Segregated storage is made possible with the company’s partnerships with some of the top vault providers and is fully insured. Even though I know of some other companies that offer this type of storage system, they charge a lot of money whereas, with Regal Assets, they are cheap.

You only pay an annual storage fee of $150, which is significantly lower than the going rate of $250+ for this feature that others charge. If you are thinking of saving on the annual fee and just depositing those bullion or coins in a safety deposit box at your local bank, then it is important for me to warn you that the safety deposit boxes in banks aren’t insured by the FDIC.

So, if there is a theft, fire, flood, or anything else that results in a loss of your precious metals, there is no way of recouping the loss.

Gold IRA Rollovers:

It is imperative to always get a company on board that understands IRA rollovers in its entirety.

The reason being that even the simplest of mistakes like not purchasing the right coin approved by the IRA or submitting the wrong tax documents can end up biting a chunk out of your wallet.

However, because 95% percent Regal Assets’ business is comprised of IRA rollovers, you can be assured that whatever they invest with them is safe.

Fast Shipping and Quick Processing Time:

Now let’s say you’ve decided to take matters into your own hand and store all that bullion in a safe at your residence.

You can do that safely with Regal Assets as they will transfer the assets to your home within seven days.

It is a delivery time frame which comes backed by a guarantee by the company, so you know you're in good hands.

Compare this to other companies that can take up to 30 days if not more, to deliver your assets.

Since in the business world time is money, we’d say that here too the company is helping investors save some money!

How Does Investing With Regal Assets Work?

Now in order for people to qualify for gold IRA, the company requires that they have an existing 401(k) which then has to be moved over to them. Here you have two options:

  • The first is the most obvious one, i.e. you can transfer your existing IRA to gold IRA. This can be done at any time with the only requirement being that it be transferred between two custodians. So, the distribution check has to be made out in the name of the new custodian to whom you’re transferring the existing IRA account over to.
  • The other option is to take your distribution from the existing IRA and then deposit it in the new one. You will have to do this within 60 days; otherwise, your withdrawal may be subjected to taxes and penalties. Plus, this can only be done once within 12 calendar months if you want to continue to retain all the benefits of an IRA, and in particular the ones associated with taxes!

Conclusion – Can Regal Assets Be Trusted?

Yes! They can, and they are trusted by hundreds of people in addition to dozens of companies across the US. 

They have the best rating that anyone can have, i.e. an A+, and they have been endorsed by some high-profile individuals.

Plus the company is officially listed as a retailer with the United States Mint.

In my opinion, having gold or silver backed IRA is a solid investment for anyone who wants to inflation-proof their money. The introduction of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a welcome addition for investors who are willing to take a slightly higher risk for exponentially higher returns.

My takeaway is that they are trustworthy and highly reliable. However, it is important to do your own research to understand the risks involved, something which you should do for all types of investments.

You can get started at their website,

Regal Assets - Get Started
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