2024 Power Gauge Report Review (BY NEW MEMBER!)

January 3, 2024

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here and THANK YOU for stopping by to check out my Power Gauge Report, by none other than famed Wall Street Legend, Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics!

For those that DON'T know me, it's important to know ONE very crucial thing; I NEVER recommend a product unless I buy it, go through it, and make sure it delivers on what it promises!

That was definitely the case with the power gauge report - SO - let's get to the reason you're here!

What IS The Power Gauge Report All About?

I'm glad you asked, I joined so I can show you! 😎

Power Gauge Report Review (Real Customers' Thoughts)

See? Told ya! 🙂

Who is Marc Chaikin & Chaikin Analytics?

Marc Chaikin
But first... Let's get to know the man behind the curtain, Marc Chaikin.

The founder of Chaikin Analytics is Marc Chaikin, and of course the Power Gauge Report and the Power Pulse System.

He was one of the first investors to Investors' Business Daily and has also published for Forbes magazine and other well-known publications.

He has done a lot of market research and created several highly accurate stock screener and market indicators, some of which are available for free on his website.

Chaikin Investments has teamed up with Nasdaq and IndexIQ to bring the Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating method to the ETF market.

Nasdaq Bell

On April 30, 2018, Marc and the Chaikin Analytics team rang the NASDAQ Opening Bell to commemorate the one-year anniversary of this successful debut.

The Nasdaq Chaikin Indexes, powered by the Power Gauge Rating, have outperformed their benchmarks since their inception in April 2014.

In a nutshell, Marc Chaikin is a real-life Wall Street Legend...he's a big shot!

What Does Power Gauge Report Membership Come With?

  • 75% OFF 1 Year of The Power Gauge Report (Start now for $49.00)
  • 12 MONTHS FREE of access to the Power Pulse System
  • 4 Power Picks for Retirement
  • Your Copy of Marc's Report, The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks.
  • And a whole more...

What's Inside The Power Gauge Report Members Area?

A lot, to be honest

1.) The Power Gauge Report (Newsletter & Picks)

PGR Newsletter & Picks

Every 30 days, Marc Chaikin will send out a new briefing with his #1 mid- or large-cap stock pick, as well as a constantly updated model portfolio of the top 5 stocks to buy. The information is simple to understand and implement, even if you've never invested or traded in your life. 

2.) The Power Gauge Report Investing Portfolio

PGR Portfolio
The Power Gauge Report has only been out just over a month, and the stock recommendations are already seeing gains like these!  

While I can't share the picks with you directly, as I'll lose my membership and I DON'T want that to happen (as it's amazing, and one of my favorites), I can share with you the above blurred out image. As you can see, things are looking so far with gains like 24.1%, 23.7%, 6.8%, 5.3%, and -9.3%. 

Granted they can't all be winners all the time, but these are NOT day trading or overnight trades - you're going to want to hold onto them until Marc Chaikin says otherwise.

3.) The Special Reports from Chaikin Analytics

Special Reports

You can also enjoy access to some special reports that are included as a bonus for subscribing to the Power Gauge Report! They include (as of now):

1.) 4 Power Picks for Retirement - The Power Gauge Report is a software program that provides stock recommendations based on the latest technical indicators. Marc will provide you with the top four stocks to buy right now and keep for the rest of your life, according to the Power Gauge Report...these are the type of equities that you can comfortably hold throughout retirement with the potential to multiply your money many times over again!

2.) Research Report: The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks.

Inside, you'll discover how to use Power Pulse software to automate your technical analysis and find hot stock picks NOW with NO LAG TIME!

This is a numerical analysis that directs us to the top firms and equities. You'll look at timing measures like the "Chaikin Money Flow" and "Relative Strength" to continue your research from there.

By putting these elements together, you may discover the greatest firms... and when to purchase them.

3.) Top 5 Stocks to Avoid Right Now - The stock market is in a state of change... And, as a result, these are Marc's five stocks with Power Gauge ratings of less-than-ideal. You should avoid them at all costs, and this report will help you understand why!

4.) The Power Pulse System Software (AKA The Power Gauge)

Power Gauge, Power Pulse TSLA

Included with your Power Gauge Report membership is the Power Pulse System.

This program allows you to input any of 4,000 distinct stocks into the search bar and press one button to receive a "Bullish," "Neutral," or "Bearish" rating and a 20-factor analysis of tomorrow's stock ratings on Wall Street... TODAY... By providing you with a "Bullish","Neutral," or "Bearish".

Any stock is given a simple rating of "very bullish" to "very bearish" by the Power Gauge, which examines 20 variables in order to do so.

After that, it breaks down the 20 factors into four major categories and provides you with extremely detailed information/analyses on each one.

Let's Look At the TSLA Stock for Example (From 12/30/2021, see Above Image)


PGR Financials
This group comprises of five indicators. These factors offer us insight into a company's financial health as well as its current valuations. You may discover those five variables in the chart above...


PGR Earnings

This part of the Power Gauge looks at five different factors. They show us how much profit a company has made so far this year, and also how it has changed over time.

We can get a decent picture of a firm's health by looking at the Financials and Earnings factors. However, there's more work to be done... There is still much to examine through the Power Gauge.



The third major category is Technicals.

Technicals looks at stock price fluctuations. They're important for detecting a trend and locating the best entry point for a solid business.



The Power Gauge's final set of criteria is known as Experts.

Our “secret sauce” is the last set of criteria. It's where we examine what analysts, short sellers, and insiders are doing to provide more insight into a company's long-term prospects. This is how we keep track of what the "smart money" is up to.

This is a true secret sauce, not because we're the only ones who can make use of data... but because everyone else seems to overlook it. This gives us an opportunity to keep track of these professionals and their actions in order to time our investments.

How Will We Know When to Invest in the Best Companies?

Easy! 😀As a member, you have the most dependable computer model on the market…

The Power Gauge carefully weighs 20 variables to determine which businesses are best every day the markets are open. When it comes to discovering excellent possibilities, it's your eyes and ears.

Still, you need to know when to buy.

You want to see a signal from the power gauge that says "bullish." That is one of the things we tell you to look for. But there are other things that are recommended, and it is all in the members area.

Finally, we'll combine it all together with the Power Gauge rating itself - as well as the four category ratings that the system determines for each stock. This is simply the first report that you may see at the top of every stock's PowerPulse page. Take a look...

Power Gauge Rating

The PowerPulse system's overall rating for TSLA is displayed on the left side. To the right of the overall grade, the PowerPulse system shows ratings for four different categories of elements.

The Power Gauge assesses 20 variables when analyzing a stock, as you learned in this part of the review. The 20 factors are divided into four main categories...

  • Financials
  • Earnings
  • Technicals
  • Experts

We can get a clue to decades of analytical research in just four sliders... With a single look, we may see years' worth of research reduced down to four sliders.

When it comes to the Earnings, Technicals, and Experts categories, TSLA is in the “bullish” zone in this example. However, it has a lot of work to do in the Financials category, where it currently earns a "bearish" rating.

Take a look at the Power Gauge in Google's chart. The overall rating for Alphabet is "bullish" at this time. That's the Power Gauge's way of saying, "It appears to be doing well!"

When you combine this data with the Chaikin Money Flow and Relative Strength indicators, you have a powerful tool for identifying stocks that are likely to outperform. To put it another way... This is how we'll find winners and know when to buy them.

Following this easy method will result in significant earnings. It'll assist you get into the best firms at the ideal moments... That's the greatest way to make money in the markets, according to experts.

My Power Gauge Report Review

To be totally transparent, I absolutely love the power gauge report.  At only $49.00 AND a 30-day refund if you're not happy, you really can't do better than this.  It provides better value than some $2,000 per year newsletters i've seen before, and the results are even better.  

Skip the $200 price tag and join today for $49.00, this price will NOT be around forever! 

Thanks for reading my review, if you have any questions - don't be shy, let me know!  I'm a real person and read all my comments personally!

Jeff Lenney

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  • If you have only put money into your 401 and have never done any type of trading on your own, if this the program to start with?

    • Hi Brian,

      I’d say so, yes! The education is easy to follow, and of course the stock alerts (buy & sell) are great as well!


  • Thank you for this review. Is the $49 charged monthly or is it a one time thing? What is the minimum deposit one can invest? And can it be set to automatic trading?

    • HI Juliet,

      My pleasure! The $49 is for the first YEAR – after that, the price goes up a bit (I’m not sure to what, honestly, $97 maybe per year?). As for the minimum, invest whatever you’re comfortable with! Obviously you won’t be able to go as far with $200 as with $2,000. PERSONALLY, I start all new accounts with $1,000 or $2,000 and go from there.

      I hope this helps! 🙂


  • mary jones says:

    if power gage report gives top picks to buy each month does it also give top ones to sell?

    • Hi Mary,

      GREAT question, and yes it does! They email both buy and sell reports, so you don’t have to worry – they’ll let you know once it’s ready to sell stocks in the portfolio based on their recommendations!

      Get started here, if you’re not happy, you can get a full refund for up to 30 days!

      I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions!


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