Timothy Sykes Review – Scammer Or No?

June 1, 2020

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Timothy Sykes Review.  In this post, I’m going to go into Details about Tim Sykes, and determine if Timothy Sykes is a Scammer, or not!

Timothy Sykes Review
Timothy Sykes Review

Spoiler: He’s not, but you can read more on that below!

Timothy Sykes Review – Scammer Or No?

“Failed hedge fund manager tries again on the Internet” was the title of an article about Tim Sykes published by Reuters in 2007. Since then, Sykes has built a stock trading education empire. But can you really get from zero to millionaire using his strategies?

Tim Sykes turned $12,415 into $1.65 million in a few short years — all before graduating from college.  Now he teaches his students to trade penny stocks using his strategies.

I put the pedal to the metal on this one in honor of Timothy Sykes’ love of fast cars. Here’s what I came up with when I looked under the hood.

Link: Timothy Sykes’ Profitly Guru Page

What I Like and … Not So Much

What I Like

  • Different levels of membership including TimAlerts, PennyStocking Silver, and TimChallenge.
  • Video lesson library with over 6,000 video lessons! (Included with PennyStocking Silver and TimChallenge membership.)
  • DVD library — DVDs can be purchased as stand-alone products. (16 are included with the TimChallenge membership.)
  • 60 Video Intro Course (PennyStocking Silver and TimChallenge memberships.)
  • Daily watchlists from the man himself.
  • Webinars (TimChallenge only) — live webinars each week from Tim Sykes and some of his top students.
  • Trading chat rooms.

Not So Much

  • Wait! What are all these emails in my inbox? This only happened on my first day in the program. But it was 18 emails. Read more below.
  • One or two links in the 60 Video Intro Course emails were redirects. As if the blog post was missing. No big deal as the video lesson links were all good. Probably just a snafu with the website maintenance team.
  • Timothy Sykes can be a hardcore, in-your-face teacher. (I’ll get more into this later in this post.)

Timothy Sykes Review – The Good & The Bad

The Good

6,000+ Video Lesson Library: This is the not-so-hidden gem of Sykes’ entire collection. New lessons are added weekly. Lessons are categorized and stock tickers tagged. Plus, there’s a bookmarking and rating system. You can comment below each video lesson. Some students put their notes there. Others just write something like ‘watched.’ With thousands of categorized lessons that’s not a bad idea.

DVD Library: There are 27 separate DVD courses on Profitly. Titles such as ShortStocking, Spikeability, and Trading Tickers give hints as to the variety of mini and not-so-mini courses available. If you’re a TimChallenge member, 16 of the DVDs are included. The various DVDs cover everything from penny stock basics to an in-depth understanding of SEC filings. One, aptly named “Learn Level 2,” teaches you to use level 2 data when trading OTC stocks. In other words, there’s a ton of information there.

Tim Sykes Daily Watchlist: Tim sends out an email watchlist each day before the market opens. He tells you what he’s watching and why.

60 Video Intro Course:  Included with your PennyStocking Silver or TimChallenge membership. But you have to sign up inside of the Profitly members’ area. Then you receive an email every day for 60 days with a link to a specific video lesson from the past. The sequence of videos was put together by Mark Croock, one of Timothy Sykes’ top students and chat room moderators. This is strong foundational material.

Webinars: These include Q&A and live trading. Plus, you get access to archived webinars dating back to 2011. What was that? A webinar a day keeps the real job away? Seriously, if you can’t learn everything you need to learn by studying all the information on this site you’re probably hopeless. Sorry to put it that way. Just keeping things in perspective.

The Bad

Tough Love: Sykes teaching style can take some getting used to. He calls it tough love. Like I said above, I kinda like it. There’s a humorous side to it.

Our advice: If you’re new, don’t ask a question in a live webinar if you haven’t first sought the answer in video lessons or other resources. If you’re unsure, hold the question for a week and go looking. If it’s truly important, it can wait. Or you can ask one of the mentors. If you ask Tim something so basic you should have picked it up in the very first DVD, he’s likely to make you feel like a complete moron. Which maybe you are. I don’t know.

18 emails on my first day in the program: Turns out that because we’d joined the TimChallenge I got confirmation emails for each DVD individually. Plus two welcome emails. After that, it dropped to only a few per day as Tim sends out his watchlist or trade alerts. Handy tip: You can elect to not receive these email notifications.

I can say it got me prepared to study. Which is one of Timothy Sykes’ big things … so maybe the 18 emails was on purpose?

The Ugly

There’s so much information that if you’re not careful you’ll overload and your brain will fry like an egg on a hot griddle. It could get ugly.

My advice: Set yourself on a training/study schedule and stick to it. Don’t get distracted by outside influences. But also be willing to walk away when your brain says “Whoa there, I can’t make heads or tails of this first green day thing Tim keeps talking about…”

Other than that, I have nothing bad to say. All the information is there. Of course, doing well day trading penny stocks takes more than simply a head full of knowledge. You’ll have to put in a fair amount of practice and learn to control those nasty ego-based “I know I’m right … I. KNOW. I’M. RIGHT.” emotions.

The Lowdown

So you want to learn to trade penny stocks like a master, eh?

Look no further. Timothy Sykes has a brilliant set of educational tools for you to do it.

But know this: It’s not easy. It takes focus, dedication, and determination.

There are a lot of tears flowing from newbie traders who think they’ve got it all figured out. Most of those are somebody else’s students. But still, it’s up to you. Sykes has clear-cut strategies and rules. But as he says, the nuances take time. So heed his lessons well.

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Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

- Jeff

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