Project Next Review (Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi)

Project Next review & bonus

Hey there! Jeff Lenney here and THANK YOU for Stopping by to check out my Project Next Review, the OWN YOUR OWN FUTURE CHALLENGE, by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi!

For those that don't know me, I never actually review a product or business opportunity unless I get it first, test it, use it, and pretty much make sure it does what it claims.  That was certainly the case with project next, by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi

That being said, let's get to the reason you're here...

The full program is called: Project Next - How to Tap Into The Self Education Revolution. 

Project Next is a revolutionary self-education course that will give you the keys to tapping into the revolution.

The full program includes: an immersion experience with Tony & Dean's newest Digital Product System, 8 weeks of live training from online experts, and tickets to their World Summit in August 2021!

1.) Immersion

The Tony & Dean's 100% NEW Digital Product System (DPS) course is designed to help YOU take your skill, message or passion and sell it online.

They have put together a one of a kind digital product system that will walk you step by step through the process required for building an empire from scratch and how to keep up with its growth in today’s cutthroat marketplace!

2.) Repetition

This is your opportunity to learn and receive coaching from Tony & Dean’s team over 8 weeks. Along with the immersion pillar, you will get a hand-held guide through content that can help you make BIG changes in your life!

This added training will definitely be a game-changer and help make sure no one is left behind.

3.) Mastery

This last puzzle piece to “Project Next” is a ticket to their LIVE 3 day virtual event where they will be delivering full immersion into the knowledge and self-education industry.

You'll learn how Tony & Dean teach you about marketing your product, scaling it for success in today's fast paced modern world of business, then celebrating with other like-minded entrepreneurs!

I can't wait to get started on this! This is going to be an amazing opportunity for all of us.

My Project Next Review

I've known about Tony Robbins most of my adult life, but I never really paid attention to anything he said or did until I was invited to check out his KBB (knowledge business/broker blueprint) course, in 2018 - this was the earlier version of what is now known as project next, via the own your future challenge.  

I would never have imagined that this program would be so life-changing and I'm so thankful for it. It has helped me in every way possible, not just professionally but as a person too!

I was blown away with the life changing skills I learned. It is one of my favorite courses now because it changed me in so many ways that were hard for me outside of work before taking part in this class.

The course has not only been great for my business, but it's been a great way to focus on myself and learn about what makes people tick, which can be useful when meeting new friends or making connections at networking events."

This may sound silly, but I felt like I was in heaven when I first heard about this training program and what it covered.

It's not every day a course comes along that can make such an impact on so many people, but the amount of good it does is worth all the hard work and time needed!

Tony Robbins is an amazing person with a ton of knowledge and I'm so excited to become one of his students yet again!

Quality of the course

Ease of use


Overall Rating:
4.5/5 stars

Modules Information:


  • Tony Robbin's Secrets To Success - what it takes to succeed, secrets to scale & what to expect
  •  Discovering Your Expertise & Ideal Client 
  •  Story, Teach, Tool Model - The triangle model to a perfect mastermind
  •  Your Toolbox - Exact tools we use in our events every day! 
  •  Creating Your Agenda - With the help of MindMint, create a bulletproof agenda for your event with drag and drop capabilities. 


  • Becoming A Marketing Expert - Philosophy of marketing an event and the hook, story, close (selling framework)
  •  Event Funnel Blueprint - Anatomy of a sales page, good vs. bad pages & how to know what to charge for your event
  •  Marketing Wagon Wheel - Learn what platforms to use and how to use them (FB, YT, social media secrets, partners (affiliates) and email
  •  Application & Order Pages - Pre built webpages that have been tried and tested that you can model exactly for your own event
  •  The Launch Secrets - Learn what Dean, Tony & Russell took decades to find out and launch your event the right way!


  • Perfect Mastermind Formula - Learn the psychology of running an event & the blueprint to running yours!
  •  Virtual Event Checklists - Exactly what to do and how to do it
  •  Perfect In Person Event - Checklist for location, attendee communication, event logistics, what to print, what to do day of, literally everything!  
  •  Final Steps - The entire process STEP BY STEP to a perfect event. 


  • Knowledge Broker Formula: What it means to be a broker, getting the yes and how to create a business around brokering someone else's knowledge. Same concept Tony did with Jim Rohn!
  • Getting a Commitment From The Expert: In this training, Dean is going to show you the step-by-step framework on how to get an expert to say yes when you approach them to be a Knowledge Broker. Will people have questions, yes. Will people have push back, yes. But with this training, Dean is going to show you how to overcome all of that to get a yes!
  • Foundation of a Successful Business: In this training, Dean is going to go through a list of what he believes are the foundational pieces for a winning business. After 30 years of being an entrepreneur and a lot of trial and error, Dean has boiled down his must-know business success secrets into a very quick and very easy to digest training video for you!
  • The Truth About Tony & Dean's Success: In this bonus training video for completing the entire course, you are going to get a never before seen interview between Dean & Tony where they give the truth about how they started in this industry, their hard times, their triumphs and how you can follow their path to success. This may be one of the most must-watch videos of the entire training!

Project Next  Bonus Package

This whole page is a work in progress, check back soon! 🙂


Think & Grow Rich!

I'll ship you a copy of "Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill.

This book is Leather-bound,  

B-E-A-UTIFUL, will look GREAT in your office or library, AND is life changing too! 

Think & Grow Rich Classic Edition
Think  Grow Rich Classic Text

If you'd rather get a digital copy for your kindle or e-reader, that's fine - let me know - but I promise, this book in this form is breath taking.

You're already getting a LIFE CHANGING education with the Training, so why not read the book that made it all possible?

Note: This book was written in the 1930s mostly for white males, please don't let some of the language discourage you from reading it in its entirety, there is gold in this book!


Sponsorship Blueprint For Your Knowledge - $1,997 Value

Sponsorship Template

There's no doubt you have a big idea that you want to profit from, but if you've ever gotten stuck wondering "How will I get this off the ground", then this will be the most important bonus you will ever get access to.

Imagine for a moment that you can get your "big idea" sponsored, so you can share your knowledge with the world...

  • Do you have a mastermind? You can get sponsors.
  • Do you have a blog? You can get sponsors.
  • Do you have a book? You can get sponsors.
  • Do you have a podcast? You can get sponsors.
  • Do you have an event? You can get sponsors.
  • Do you have a social media group? You can get sponsors.
  • Do you have an online community? You...get the idea! 😎

In fact, imagine if there was a cut to the chase, easy to follow template to help you contact and recruit the exact sponsors you need for your business? 

What would that mean for you? Would you host that live event?

- Would you finally write that book?

- Would you launch that podcast?

- Would you be able to help an online community with your knowledge to improve their life, business or family?

Our good friend and partner, Roberto Candelaria is a world class expert
on helping entrepreneurs, non-profits, companies, and everything in between get sponsored.

He can help you "Get Big Companies To Write You Big Checks"

Here's how it works:

(1) You get access to the exact templates that you need to get sponsored.
These are the EXACT same templates that you can take, tweak, and start using to get sponsors for your big idea.

(2) Exclusive, private webinar where you will learn in-depth strategies and tactics to know who the right potential sponsors for your big idea are, how to reach them, and what you need to know and do before you ever reach out.

This alone can be a complete game changer for you and your business.


Social Ad Hacks - Full Course by Matt Grey Ford - Sold for $997

This teaches you how to find your precise audience, build your message to speak directly to them, and how to build out campaigns that can create six figures in profits.

This he sells from stage for $997, you'll get full access from Matt and myself.

Social Ad Hacks


Virtual Assistant Templates! Outsource like a Real Boss! 
- $997 Value

OutSourcing Templates

These are pure Gold, here's what's covered:

There's simply too much to list it all out here, but you'll be learning things such as Where To Find Outsources, How To Get the Best Results, various project listing templates, case studies, tips, a content planner and MUCH, much more...


ReTargeting Revenue - $1499 Value

You get his new product - 'Retargeting Revenue'. This hasn't even been released yet. It takes you inside how to plan and execute retargeting campaigns to maximize profits.


Five Figure FB Live Profits - $1,997 Value

"Five Figure FB Live Profits" - This is the same strategy Matt Grey Ford taught a client who took it and generated over 5 figures in profits from selling his digital program in 60 days. He will give you the strategies, step-by-step!

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IMPORTANT:  The Bonuses will be given to you after the refund period (30 days) is over, thanks for your understanding! 🙂

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